Monday, April 21, 2008

Janet Picks New Single, WHY??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"After halting promotion for her latest LP 'Discipline' due to illness, Janet Jackson is set to release the next single
from the set 'Can't Be Good'. Unlike previous single LUV which was only released
to select formats on radio, 'Can't Be Good' has a tentative radio ad date of
June 9th - impacting all formats."


Okay, all that I am gonna say is, WHAT THE HELL??!! WHY???? What would make her think that this song is gonna do well on the charts?? It's clearly not. This is my most disliked song on the album. I can't really get into it, although it does do well with some of her fans. If Janet doesn't step it up, this album is gonna do worse than it already has been doing lately. It's hard to believe that it debuted at #1.

I love Janet, but I do not love this single, not one bit!! UGH!!!!! Whatever happened to Luv? I thought that was supposed to be a single. Already people are upset and confused at this single choice, and I am one of them. All I can do is shake my head.

This album doesn't need this torture.