Monday, September 22, 2008

New Wayne Snippet "Never Letchu Go"

Wayne is back!!!!!!! And back with a vengeance. The singer returns to the scene with his new track, "Never Letchu Go". Produced by the Bakazmen, the song finds the singer in a new place. 'LOVE'. He sounds relaxed, believeable, and confident. When he sings, "I don't never wanna letchu go, cause I know, you're the one for me..." you believe every word that comes out of his mouth. The song is hot and catchy, and puts Wayne back on the map where he belongs. Can't wait to see what else he comes up with. Check out the song.

Never Letchu Go (Snippet)

Michelle Williams Unexpected Review!!!

Michelle can't help but win with this album!!!!
By: WayneDaStar

The album starts off with the Unexpected Intro in which Michelle states, “You didn’t expect me…Did you expect….oh nooo….” And then immediately runs into the club banging ode to heartbreak “Hello Heartbreak”. It seems most would run away from any heartache but in the lyrics Michelle proclaims, “I’ve got a strange connection to pain…I’m always running into danger zones..It cut’s me deep but I’m still wanting more” and in the chorus she belts out, “Hello heartbreak, it’s good to see you, happiness came, but it just lets me down..”

She keeps up the dance pace with the first single, “We Break The Dawn” and then Slows it down with the silky “Lucky Girl Intro”, but quickly speeds back up again with the actual “Lucky Girl” track. Michelle really showcases the unexpected with lyrics such as, “He works me like a full time job, but I love it when he takes me down…”

This album screams CLUBBANGER. The sweaty phasered, “Hungover” drips with body grinding sweat and sex. You can’t help but feel the bass bumping throughout the track. Michelle coos over the track throughout the verses. She doesn’t go to hard with the track, but rides it like a wave. It’s like a battle. Michelle’s sweet vocals and the angry beat. Clearly Michelle comes out on top. Her sexual prowess is in full force, but yet she exudes class at the same time. I know what you’re thinking, Michelle Williams??!! Yep. That’s her.

The title track, “Unexpected” is a take my guitar and leave your ass kiss-off to an ex lover who didn’t see the breakup coming. She sings, “So unexpected, the tables have turned, I’m laughing now, because the joke is on you…” She seems so confident and so focused. Like she’s found her niche in the music biz. From what the showcases with this album, it pretty much seems so.

The album also boasts plenty more body bumpin, dance grooves such as “We Break The Dawn Pt. 2” (Feat. Flo-Rida), a very “UNEXPECTED” collab, and HIT! It’s undeniably great.

With all the dance tracks, you would think that ballads would have no place in this party, well that is not so. Michelle delivers the mid-tempos and ballads flawlessly. Tracks like, the Stargate produced, “Stop This Car” and “The Greatest” hold their own throughout the album. With “Too Young For Love” Michelle shows versatility. She blends in with the pop crowd. The track could go toe to toe with, Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and Nelly Furtado’s “Say It Right”.

The two standout tracks from this album would have to be euro pop transfused, “Til The End Of The World” and “Thank U”. In ‘End Of The World” Michelle asks, “Would you be my lover, forsakin’ all others?” She then goes on to sing, “What if they put me in prison, for reasons that you’d never know, would you stand beside me and call me your wifey, would you love me forever, or would you go?” She asks many questions, and is looking for answers, and by listening to the song, you can’t help but want to answer. It’s a track that stands out in a world full of crap and redundant hits, and would last throughout time. It’s a classic in it’s own right. And in “Thank U” Michelle is accompanied by a beautiful acoustic guitar, and starts off with, “bet you’re surprised, to see me waiting up for you…” Her vocals are amazing. They ooze with passion and emotion. And not just the vocals, the lyrics are on point and she sounds believable. She goes on to sing, “I wanna thank U for the times you cheated on, cause I almost loved you forever, never woulda found someone better….” Note to whoever she’s thanking, “WHAT AN ASS!!” You can’t help but to feel like one if you listened to that track, knowing it was about you….

This is hands down a classic. The production is flawless, and so are the vocals and LYRICS. It’s great to have great dance material, but what makes it even better, is that the lyrics are intelligent and actually mean something. Go and get this quickly!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pussycat Dolls "Doll Domination" Album Review

The Dolls are back with their second LP entitled, "Doll Domination". The girls are women on a mission to dominate the world with catchy hooks and chest pops galore!! In a world where artists release chart topping first albums and then drop mediocre sophomore albums, the Pussycats have strayed far from that route. They have greatly matured on their second album while still sticking to the same motif that helmed 7 million copies of PCD worldwide.

The album will leave your head spinning trying to follow the girls as they "Take Over The World" and "Bottle Pop" with the best productions from the likes of Timbaland, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, and Polow Da Don. And don't forget to mention the cameos. Big Snoop makes another appearance in "Bottle Pop" in which the girls brag, "all them other models bottle aint like mama's bottle.. tasty, if you pop my bottle all them models gonna hate me..." They also bring in the Pied Piper of R&B, Mr. R. Kelly himself and Missy Elliot on the second single, "Whatcha Think About That"

With the Domination theme, the girls take control throughout the course of the album. In the Gold-Diggers, Bad Girl Anthem, "Magic" the girls hit em up and leave simply like...magic. Nicole chants, "and I'm charming, no charm on a chain, don't hate me hate the game, and I can wave my wand and like that now he all alone.." They even get aggressive in the blazin, "In Person" where they tackle a cheating lover. The girls go damn near crazy. Nicole is practically yelling on the track, promising to kick him, hurt him, & get him..when she sees him. This Pussycat is raging mad. She even channels her inner Tina when saying, "around here we don't do things nice and easy..we do things...ROUGH!"

The album is filled with many potential hits, just like "When I Grow Up" such as "Who's Gonna Love You" and "Whatchamacallit" in which the girls sound off on low class homewreckers and wannabes, "Dont be askin' bout my man and what he holdin' in his pants..." The girls have grasped ahold of their sound and took off with it. They are everywhere throughout this album. Sad, Happy, Angry, Sexy...Can you name more?

Some of the highlights of Doll Domination may have to be "I Hate This Part" where Nicole actually breaks down and starts to cry when she sings, "I hate this part right here, I just can't take these tears.." and the Darkchild produced "Elevator". It showcases the Dolls signature style; catchy and fun, but yet it holds so much emotion. The lyrics are on point and Nicole showcases vocals that she never has hit before.

This album really shows that the girls actually matured and gained something from their previous albums success. They took what they learned and put together a good album. They show that they've grown. This album maybe a hate it or love it type, but it can't be denied that they didn't slack up when it came to this go round.

Recommended: "Elevator" "Magic" "Halo" "I Hate This Part" "In Person" "When I Grow Up" "Whos Gonna Love You" & "Whatcha Think About That"

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that I've been gone for a minute, but I am soooooooooooo back now and I have alot of stuff to post and blog about!! So be on the lookout for that!!! Holla!!!!!!!