Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Wayne Interview Coming Soon!!!

There will be a new Wayne interview coming soon!! So be on the lookout for that. He will be discussing alot of things, such as the new album, what he's been up to, and much much more. So be on the lookout for that. It's gonna be hot!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Britney Spears "Circus" Review

It's been a while, I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting..but I'm here now..." That's what Britney Spears stated on her last LP "Blackout", but it seemed she wasn't quite back just yet. It seemed everything went downhill from there. Now, with her latest album, "Circus", Brit is back to claim her throne as the reigning princess of pop, or in the words of Danja, 'THE QUEEN OF POP'; and put the past behind her. All eyes are on her. In the title track Brit takes center stage as she boasts, "I'm like the ringleader, I call the shots, I'm like a firecracker, I make it hot.." She sounds reminiscent of her idol, Madonna, as she moans, “ I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins, spotlight on me and I’m ready to break….” The song finds Britney on top and in control, and there is no denying that as she proclaims, “I’m runnin’ this..” and ‘when I crack that whip, everybody gon trip..’
The album starts off with Brit's comeback #1 single, "Womanizer". She does what she does best. Rides the beat smoothly with computerized vocals and hot synthesizers. From the moment the song was first heard, no matter what anyone thought of it, everyone could agree on one thing, SHE SOUNDS FOCUSED!!
This album shapes up to be a very personal one for Britney, and what is great about that is, she opened about alot, but still made it very danceable, and when you're able to do that, there is no way you can lose. In the Danja produced, "Kill The Lights", Brit comes back at the paparazzi for round two. It seems as if they didn't get enough with "Piece Of Me". If not, they're getting more than they can bargain for. Brit sounds mad. When Brit sings, "you don't like me, I don't like you, it don't matter, only difference, you still listen, I don't have to.." you can hear the attitude in her voice. Something very different for the star. Back in the days, Brit's vocals never really carried any emotion, but with this track, it's like an explosion. It's everywhere. "I KILLED the lights..PURE SATISFACTION.." Britney revels in the chorus. She even gives the paps a little advice, "make sure you catch me from my good side.." All the Miley's, Selena's, and up and coming young starlets, should take heed from Britney's lyrics. She's stating it plain and clear, she's been there, done that, and doing it again..
With this comeback, it seems Ms. Spears wasn’t afraid to take risks. “Circus” is very different from her previous material. In the track “Blur”, Britney sings of waking up from a hectic night, where she can remember anything. She sings, “where the hell am I..who are u..what’d we do, last night?” Another track that finds Britney in a different place is “Mmm Papi” which is very pointless, but yet so catchy.
The amazing "Mannequin" finds Britney in a tug of war with herself. It's PHENOMENAL... It's a fight to the death. Britney goes toe to toe with herself. The track is unbelieveable. Unlike anything ever heard before. The production is over the top and FIERCE, and Britney fits right in and carries it like a pro, which a lot of people tend to forget, she is. She tells herself, “I like it and I do what I like, u what I like and you’ll like it” And then goes on to say, “you can cry your eyes outta your head, baby, baby, I don’t care..” The battle is tense and fierce. You find yourself lost within the track trying to keep up with Britney as she goes round for round with herself. She sounds demented…twisted…like she has a split personality..Could this be a comeback to all the “bi polar” rumors? If so…WOW… and that is the expression the song leaves you saying.
In the tantalizing, "If U Seek Amy", Brit takes a coy little play on the phrase, 'if u seek amy..' (say it fast). It’s very catchy and interesting. One of the surprising goodies about this one is, Britney evens sings a couple of ad libs, with NO computerized effects, and it sounds GREAT! “French fingertips, red lips, b!tch is dangerous..” Britney sings in the Robbie Williams influenced “Lace & Leather” This one was meant for the DISCO clubs. It sounds very Studio 54ish.
Circus is very danceable. Something Britney is known for best, but it doesn’t leave out the ballads. The album closer, and one of the many highlights is "My Baby", which Brit wrote herself for her two children. She asks, "without you, how did i get thru, all of my days..." She was photographed visiting a vocal coach earlier this year, and this song showcases that the coaching has paid off. Her voice isn't shaky and doesn't sound like it's trying to balance itself as it did in songs such as, "Everytime" and "Why Should I Be Sad". She sounds confident and in control, and that's the Britney that we all love and remember.
This is no Blackout 2.0. This album is very different, and can only be categorized as it’s own. Britney made a comeback that was GREATLY put together. It’s not all over the place, and she sounds 100% ready, unlike ‘Blackout’, in which she sounded distant. This is definitely going to put her back on the throne where she belongs. Where we all want to see her.

Recommeneded: THE WHOLE ALBUM!!!!!!! And make sure you check out “Amnesia” and “Phonography” Britney’s vocals are just WOW!!

I Know It's Been A While...

I know that it's been a while since I last updated this blog. But I have been extremely busy with other things and life. I've been through alot in the past couple of months, and now I am working on something that will tell you all about as much as I can.
So, now that I am back, I will continue to update the blog with great things. More reviews and everything. I just reviewed the new Britney album. LOVES it. Wait til I post it.
But other than that, just look out for alot of new shit coming from me. You digg?? I know you do. Love you all.