Friday, February 27, 2009

Love Sex AND Magic?? Ooh Gul..

Here's the cover of Ciara's next single "Love, Sex, & Magic" featuring J. Timberlake.
The song....ehhhh its straight...I GUESS..
It aint really my cup of tea. But alot of other people like that junk tho.
So big ups to her for that. It may be a hit for her, just cause Justin up in that song.
But this aint bout the song..It's bout this artwork.. What does I think about it?? Do I like it? Do I love it??
Well, I don't quite love it..Shit, no where near loving it. But I do think it's cute tho. It's not bad. She getting her sexy on and doing her. So that's wassup..
Can't wait to see what she does with the video..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Now That's What I'm Talking Bout Teairra!!!

It's about to be a WHA???!!!
Teairra Mari is back with another track from her upcoming new album.
I don't know what the name of it is, but I most def will be coping it tho.
The track is called "Cause A Scene" and it features Flo-Rida.
It's everything that Teairra Fans have been wanting and more.
Her attitude roars all over the track.
Gangsta!! Straight Hood!! This is most def. a CLUB BANGER.
Can't wait to see whatelse she has to offer with this new album.
Check out the track!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chavez Gets "Brand New"

Hey everyone!! It's me again. I know I haven't been posting regularly like I said I would, but sheeittttttt, I've been busy. Moving and whatnot.
But N T Ways, I got a goodie for you all.It seems my buddy Chavez has been getting a lil freaky deaky as of lately with his youtube vids. You know I gotta show love and support where love and support is due, so here it goes. Check out his new video for Keyshia Cole's "Brand New". You're gonna love it. He totally made me look at the song differently, and is also getting people to fall in love with it is as well!! Good Job Buddy!! And keep up with the greaat work!! Can't wait to see your next vid!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lil Kim Preppin' To Kill DWTS!!!!

Oh Yes!! Oh Yes!!!! Ooooh Yes!!!!

My home-gul Kim, is going to be on Dancing With The Stars this season, and you KNOW, ya boy is pressed to see what is going to happen. I can't wait. I haven't been keeping up with the show, but bet your bottom dollar, she will be the MAIN and ONLY reason that I keep up with it. From the looks of the pics of her rehearsing, she looks like she is getting it!! I went back and watched a couple of Kim videos from back in the day to peep her dancing skills, and you know what...she may actually have what it takes to win this thing. YOU KNOW, everybody and they mama gonna be tuned in anyways to see what her face look like and what she got on. Me too, but also to show support for my gurl. So check out the pics of her getting down!!

Aubrery O'Day..Visit's Chelsea LATELAY!!!!!!

So Aubrey was on the Chelsea Lately show recently, and she had a really good interview. It made me open up my eyes and view her in a WHOLE NU light. It's like I am a changed man. The interview was really good. She talked about being kicked out of the band, the changes in her life and all kinds of stuff. I also notice that D. Woods is still kicking it with her as well. Anyways...check it out. I do have more stuff to say...but as for right now, I will keep my comments to myself..

More Nu Nu 4 U!!!

Ya Boi hasn't really been posting like he should lately.
I know..Where's the...REVIEWS?? VIDS?? ALL A DAT??
Well I'm back on track!!! Soo, be on the lookout for ALL A DAT!!!
Ya Digg???
Get ya Shovels!!

Ooh Oooh Ooh Razzzzzzzzz B!!!!!

Oooh Boi!!!!!!!!!! First of all I wanna say, I know how it feels to be in your position right now because I been there before. Just went through it actually. But N T Ways.....
Raz had a whole bunch of pics leak online yesterday I believe it was. Yep it was. 8 of them to be exact. From some adult version of Myspace. Tsk..Tsk..Tsk...
The pics are pretty graphic too. If U want 2 download them bitches......
Oh well..Sorry bout that man..I wonder what U got to say tho...
Explain these......

Monday, February 2, 2009

Check Out Wayne's Nu "Mannequin" Video

Hey everybody. The video is out now. It's "Mannequin" by Britney!! It features Wayne like you never saw him before!! Check it out!!!!!