Monday, April 27, 2009

New Electrik Red "Imma Cheat"

Soooo!! Out of no where, a new Electrik Red track drops. And whenever that happens, you know your boi is on it. LMAO! These are my girls, so I gotta represent. The track however is a demo for Christina Milian..but I don't think Milan can pull it off to be honest. Electrik Red does it great. It's not the best song, but it's always great to hear new music from them. And it also shows off Naomi vocals ability. She doesn't just sing in that high voice. lol. She's very skilled. She's got alot of swag in her voice. The melodies and harmonies sound great as well. I love the fact that you can hear every girl in the song. Thumbs up BITCHES!! Check the song out, and let me know what you think. ;)

"Imma Cheat"-Electrik Red

Beyonce Tappin Dat Box Office Ass!!!

Sooooooooo Beyonce tops the box office this weekend with "Obsessed". Getting the US to shell out 28.5 million dollas out of their pockets to see her whip some Ali Larter ass. Get it gul!! Aint no shade or hate over here. I'm proud of her. What was the estimation? 15-20 mil? Or was it 10? Cause I can't seem to remember, but whatever it was, they were WRONG!!!

PS. What other movies came out this weekend? Cause I just can't seem to remember that ish. I just can't. Jamie Fox who? Terrance Whata?? What's that white guy name who was kickin all that ass in those previews with Terrance Whata??? OMG!! My memory is shocked, but there is one thing plain and clear that I can remember. Beyonce not only tapped Ali's ass, but she tapped that Box Office's ass as well! Job well done!!

Don't Make This Bitch Cause A Scene...Cause She Will....

SOoooo!! By now, almost everyone should have heard Teairra Mari's newest single "Cause A Scene" featuring Flo-Rida. Hotness!! Homegurl bringing the heat this time around with her latest LP. "At That Point" which drops this summer!! I'm soooo anticipating it, just as I am anticipating this video. Check out a lil sneak peek of the vid. Hotness.

NOTE: She sure did step it up after that cheapness which we all knew as "Hunt 4 U"

GaGa Gone GA-GA??!

You gotta give it to Lady Gaga. We are in a time were it's hard to be original, but this chica here remains one of the few who stands out. Some of the shit she puts on her body may make you go OH HELL 2 DA Naw, but you can't help but love her. And KNOW that only SHE can pull that shit off that she wears sometimes. ONLY her. But what makes her the only one who can do that tho?? What makes her sooo special????

Well she crazy for this outfit tho.. But she a SOLDIER tho. I commend her crazy ass. Get it gul!

Looka This Shit...

Looka this sheeeeeeeeit!! The Dream got Xtina M. ass thinking she the shit. Looka her walking wit dat head held high!! LMAO!! She betta keep it up high!! LMAO!! Damn, the wee wee must be that good, she looks like a WHOLE new woman! You know when the wee wee be so good, you wanna go out and buy him all kinds of shit??!! I bet you they are off to some mall to buy him the newest XBox 360 game. LMAO!!!

NOTE: I dont know if she fuckin The Dream, but obviously she is..soooo...u know!!!

Omarion Tryna Get Freaky Freaky!!! Awww Sheeit!!

LMAO!! Soooo...Mr O, got a lil sex tape out huh?? HA HA HA!! Awwwwight now!! LMAO!! Lemme stop. Anyways...Sex tapes are soooo yesterday, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to stay relevant this day and time when you don't have a hit...right? I guess.. Well anyways, I haven't seen the tape, but I seen picture stills...Looks rather.....blahhhhh, but I guess. I'll review the tape when I get my hands on it! Ha ha ha!! Enjoy the pics. Courtesy YBF.

Boyyyyyy Bye!! LMAO!!!

Electrik Red In Yo Mouth

The ladies dropped by Power 106 to promote their single "So Good". They also had fun old time. Check out the video!!

ELECTRIK RED'S distracting security tactics!

LMAO!! Naomi is sooooooooooooo funny!! OMG!! Soooooooooo freakin' funny!! You gotta love her!

What's Nu PussyCats????

Soooooo.. There has been some drama going on with the PussyCat Dolls...tsk tsk tsk..I shake my head at these girl groups these days...First Danity Kane, and now these guls...

Anyways, let me set up the scene right quick. Sooooo.. there has been a single cover going around and it says...wait for it.....wait for it...."The PussyCat Dolls" (Feat. Nicole Scherzinger)..Hmmmm Check it out!

Hmmmmmmm.....Well..After seeing that. I didn't really know what to say. I mean, I knew Nicole was going solo...AGAIN..but I also heard that there was going to be a 3rd PCD album, Well I guess the girls weren't too happy about this, because at recent show.. There was alot of SHADE being thrown. OH YES!!! Melody spoke out about the whole thing, and even during her "RANT" if you wanna call it that, it seemed like fellow dolls, Ashley and Kim were supporting her. You can peep it all out in the video. Of course you can't see Nicole's reaction, but BOY, what I would pay to see how she reacted. LOL! But check out the video!! Let me know what you think!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The I AM..Tour Opening Act??!!!! (US Leg)

Sooooo, there has been much speculation about who will be opening for Queen Bey during the US leg of the I Am tour... So many names have been dropped, but none have been confirmed!! Well.....maybe it is confirmed...NOW!!!

So who could it be...Well I'll tell you who it COULD be!!!!!

Wait 4 It....

Wait 4 It...

Wait 4 it........




Sooo why them?!!! Well boo boo gum drops! I will tell you why! We all know that The Dream is responsible for that epidemic of a hit known as "Single Ladies". You know the song that made you wanna get some drank in ya cup and act up and don't care who see...Yeah THAT part.

We ALSO know that The Dream is behind this wonderful group. And yes I said WONDERFUL! Get with it, if you haven't already. The girls have been deeply in rehearsal and are "cookin' up something for the people" Lesley stated via Twitter. (You Can follow her @LesleyER)

Also if you are a fan of the girls...You will notice that whenever they perform their hit "Drink In My Cup" they pay tribute to Miss Beyonce with a lil Single Ladies dancing of their own, and boy do they tear it up. Check it out!! (View The Single Ladies Tribute @ 1:30)

Sooo...Could it Be?? Yes it COULD be. So be on the lookout for that. They do have an album hitting stores, May 26th, "How To Be A Lady: Vol 1"!! This could be the big blowup that they need!! I'm rooting for them, are YOU??!!

That Damned Making The Band!!

Okayyyyyyyyyy... So the Making The Band Finale premiered Thursday night...tsk tsk tsk.. Drama, drama, drama...and bores...Oh yeah, plus a NO SHOW!!! Aundrea was at home with her emotions and things like that. Day26 was there and performed 3 times. I guess they are the NEW Danity Kane. To mee....They looked good...And their sound? They looked good. I mean they are a good group, don't get me wrong..But we ALL KNOW who made Making The Band!! And it wasn't no DAMN DONNIE!!

Ya'll know who had you singing, "move ya body, shake ya body, gettin naughty naughty"!! Remember that?? Yes, I know ya do. That was who EVERYBODY and they mama tuned in for. Did we get what we want? Well, I don't know about ya'll, but for me...well I was hoping that were gonna get back together, but after I saw that fuckery that went down on that got damn stage...LMAO! OH HECKS NAW!! They need to leave that at home. Everyone wanted to talk when someone else was talking..Aubrey thought she was a bad bitch..which she was. Dawn wanted to show off her new haircut..Uhmmmm....Okay..Shannon was beautiful.

To break it all down.. We still didn't get the reason that we wanted for the split. D Woods being the REAL one, went all around the topic. Dawn actually came to the forefront and made it blunt, they all wanted to do their own things. Aubrey gettin a show, D Woods got all these labels wanting to hire her, Dawn in the studio working on her shit. And Shannon is in love with her boo boo gum drops. Whats his name?? Oh yeah Donnie Klang. He performed, but I don't know what is going on with him and I don't really care. oops.. Sorry.. But Danity Kane, if you can..get it together. Electrik Red already filled the void that you tricks left in my damaged heart. So if you do get it together, and that "From The Ashes" shit I read today is true, you gonna have a fight.... Toodles!

Take Me 4 A Ride Ciara!!!

So I'm bout to go listen to this piece once again...But be on the lookout for my written review, and if you can't get into readin ish, I'll do a review for ya on Youtube as well!! Ya digg?? Get Ya Shovel!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lil Kim Killin Dancin Wit Da Stars!

Yesssssssssssssss!!! I am living for her!! She is just shocking me every single show!! I mean come on now, I didn't know what to expect from her before the show started, but since it's been going on, homegurl has been getting better with everrryyyyyyyyyyyy show! That Argetine Tango she pulled off which brought her to tears was to die for!!!! Oh yes!! She had me in my room squealin like a lil piggie!! ha ha ha ha!!! I think she has what it takes to take it to the top! I love it! Keep it up!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!! They are crazy as hell!! LMAO!!!! Check it out!!!

Make Electrik Red #1!!!!!!

So like I said...Expect updates on my boos on the regular. Here's one for you already on MY account. LMAO!! Ya'll lets help make them number one!! Check out the video!!

So Good! Ooh Shit! Damn!

These wonderful ladies always have a place here in my blog!! Oh yes they do. And why? Because they r THE SHIT. Ooh shit! Damn! Soo Good!!! Makes me want more. They do something to me! LMAO! They are hot tho. And they have what it takes to be on top and stay there. Girl groups are lacking nowadays and they are filling my that void in my heart. I can't get enough. So be prepared with regular updates on them! Hopefully you'll get an interview with them by "Yours Truly" in due time. It's something I am working on. SOooooo be on the lookout! ER all in ya mouth!

Super Wayne

Sooooooooo.... I've really been going like quite far with this Super Wayne character...
And I feel like doing something special for him... Be on the lookout for that.. LOL. It's
gonna be nice.. I can't wait to see what I have up my sleeve....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Xtina Milian Got That Fiyah!!

OOooh Snap!!
Xtina Milian is coming hard with her new album.
After Us Against The World, the next song I hear from her
Oh yes!! And best believe that ish is what??
HOTTT!!!! I love it already and it's just a snippet.
She is coming hard. She sings hard on the chorus
and she comes hard with swag on the verses.
I'm loving it. I've always been on Team Xtina M. So good luck Bookie!
Check it out!

Stop The Track! WayneDaStars Back!!

I know it's been a while since I've updated the blog.
And well I inted to start updating more. I am in a feel
good mood right now, and I feel like sharing. SOooo expect
more from ya boi!! MORE MORE & MORE. I'm talking vids.
Pics. Music. Everything! Ciara talk. LMAO! Youtube talk!

oooh!! and I can't forget Twitter. I am one tweet away from
having someone check me into Tweethab. LMAO!! Look @ me,
making up my on Twitter words. And as my buddy Cafflo would
say, "There you go!" LMAO!!

So be on the lookout for that. MUAH!!