Friday, April 24, 2009

The I AM..Tour Opening Act??!!!! (US Leg)

Sooooo, there has been much speculation about who will be opening for Queen Bey during the US leg of the I Am tour... So many names have been dropped, but none have been confirmed!! Well.....maybe it is confirmed...NOW!!!

So who could it be...Well I'll tell you who it COULD be!!!!!

Wait 4 It....

Wait 4 It...

Wait 4 it........




Sooo why them?!!! Well boo boo gum drops! I will tell you why! We all know that The Dream is responsible for that epidemic of a hit known as "Single Ladies". You know the song that made you wanna get some drank in ya cup and act up and don't care who see...Yeah THAT part.

We ALSO know that The Dream is behind this wonderful group. And yes I said WONDERFUL! Get with it, if you haven't already. The girls have been deeply in rehearsal and are "cookin' up something for the people" Lesley stated via Twitter. (You Can follow her @LesleyER)

Also if you are a fan of the girls...You will notice that whenever they perform their hit "Drink In My Cup" they pay tribute to Miss Beyonce with a lil Single Ladies dancing of their own, and boy do they tear it up. Check it out!! (View The Single Ladies Tribute @ 1:30)

Sooo...Could it Be?? Yes it COULD be. So be on the lookout for that. They do have an album hitting stores, May 26th, "How To Be A Lady: Vol 1"!! This could be the big blowup that they need!! I'm rooting for them, are YOU??!!