Thursday, March 5, 2009

NEW Look Ppls!

Ay Everyone!! Ya boi is back with a nu Look!!
I wanna thank Mr. Beyonce over at BWB for making the banner!!
It's hot!!!
Look out for bunches and loads of Nu Nu ish!!!
And don't forgot YOUTUBE!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Word "Faggot" Promo

As you all know, ya boi gives support where support is due.
So that is what I am doing right now.
My man, Chavez, you know the one with the "Brand New" video,
is coming back with A HOT topic for all you Youtubers out there.
Its about the "F" word, a.k.a "faggot". A disgusting word at that.
Here's his promo for the the video, which will be coming very soon!!

I am looking forward to seeing the whole thing. Not only because yours truly makes a cameo appearance, because I believe that the topic is a good one, and I want to see his take on it as well. So be on the lookout for that!!!

Ugh Ugh Ugh!!! And More 2 Come!!!

U have a very pissed off WayneDaStar right now.
Very, Very, Very, Very
Tell me something...
And no Beyonce, it's not "way yo boss at!"
I need to know this.
What is the point in being in a relationship with no compromises??
Huh?? Tell me that shit cause I really need to know.
I've been in a relatiomship now for bout...the last 4 months, and it's been good.
Or am I just telling myself that it has been good cause I WANT it to be good.
It's like this...I'm a good guy. I try not to hurt NO one. But why is it that when it comes to relationships, I can't just never sit back and relax and let it run free and be happy?? It always starts off that way, but then later down the line, I end up stressing, and I don't want to stress at all. I am too young for that. Way Too Young, and I don't want to add no age that is not needed or wanted right now.
Now I may just be ranting right now, cause I'm horny as hell, and I can't get sex right now. Even when my partner is laying right next to me as I blogg.. Which SUCKS ASS. But if this stuff is already in my head, then it has to mean something right?
I know this isn't the regular post from me, but I just had to get this out. Things need to change. If they don't I am gonna change. And when I say CHANGE, I don't mean clothes or nickels and dimes. I am talking about....
I will go back to my old ways, like in the old days, flirting...NOT GIVING A FUCK!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL!! Gotta love Lil Kim.
I know I do.
Anyways, I'm gonna try to go to sleep. I would MASTURBATE..But honestly I don't see the damn point. At least not when you have someone right there...