Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why Don't You Love Me....

#nowplaying "Why Don't You Love Me" -Beyonce

Today is the day of a HARD decision.
I just HOPE.PRAY.WISH that I don't get that statement in return.

If I could make a quick list of all the songs that come to mind right now.
I would say....

1. "Break Up" -Mario
2. "Letting Go" -Brooke Hogan
3. "Moving On" -Brooke Hogan
4. "Next Ex" -Beyonce
5. "I Hate This Part" -PussyCat Dolls
6. "Can't Mess With You" -Nivea
7. "Over" -LeToya
8. "Stop This Car" -Michelle Williams
9. "Im Leaving" -Beyonce
10. "So Over You" -Ashanti

Let's just hope I don't start feeling like this, "You're Gonna Miss" -Ashanti
Have A Good Sunday! :)


Okay.... so as some of ya'll may know, I have been blogging on this piece for about 2 years now. (On & Off)

I stopped for a while to focus on other things, and now when I woke up today, I just had the sudden
urge to jump back into it. There are sooo many things going on now and I just want to talk about it all..

Sooooo, once again I'm gonna start again..

Soooooo... nothing new here to see, AS OF NOW.
But I'm back....BITCH!! :)