Monday, December 8, 2008

Wayne Back In The Studio!!!

Singer/Songwriter Wayne is once again back in the studio working on his next studio LP, entitled "StarStruck". The album features production from world renouned producer and long-time collaborater and friend, Ishmael "Izzy" Lopez.
"This album is going to be more personal and raw," Wayne said exculisively to PLATINUM magazine. "I am going in a new direction. Trying things that I never tried before. Talking about subjects that I was once afraid to talk about, or knew nothing about. I just have a great feeling about this project, and I am extremely happy about it!"
The album is said to touch on topics from love and relationships, to hate and pain. "It's going to be something that everyone can relate to. Everyone goes through ups and downs in relationships, and then there's other things that ppl go through, like depression and loneliness, and all kinds of stuff. And I'm glad that I can talk about it and express it through my music, so that maybe I can reach someone else and help them out."
When Wayne leaked the snippet of "Never Letchu Go" produced by the Bakazmen, onto his Myspace page back in September, fans everywhere immediately where joyed. It showed that they were liking the new direction that Wayne was going in.
"I sat down with the producers and I said, 'this is what I want..' I felt like the track had so much emotion brewing through it, I had to come hard, and I couldn't mess this up. The track was way to perfect and beautiful to mess up, so I sat down, wrote from my heart and when I got to the mic, I closed my eyes and just let the words flow from my lips. Whenever I listen to it, I think to myself, I really do sound in love, and like I meant what I sung, and I really did mean those words too!"
With great producers and writers (Josh Hurt, Maurice Polk, and Chris Myers), Wayne is set to soar to new heights with this new album. "I decided to work with some other writers this time around, because I can't do everything alone. Also because I wanted to see where other people's minds where. See what they thought about me. What they wanted to hear me sing, but yet, it had to be something realistic you know? And I came up with some great stuff."
Wayne admitted to finding inspiration to one of the albums ballads, "It Was All A Dream" from best friend Maurice Polk. "We were just talking about a certain situation, and I was like, what if I was to leave one relationship for another one thinking I could get it better, but then get dumped and end up with nothing? He totally understood where I was coming from, and he added his input and we came up with a great track. One of my faves. You totally hear the emotion coming from my voice."
This is set to be some of Wayne's greatest work to date. And what makes it even better for him is that he is actually enjoying himself. "Me and Izz stayed up late as hell one night working on this one song, we named it 'Innovator', We were sooo excited about it too, and it just felt good to be happy doing something that I loved!"

Be on the lookout for the new album "Starstruck" coming soon.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Is Homosexuality Genetic?