Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hmmm.. Changes??

I've been blogging on and off
for about a year or more now..

I think it's time for a change...
Im gonna spice this place up a bit..

Maybe change the drapes..
Maybe paint the walls??

But we will be back...
And Oooh Shit Damn!
You gonna love it!!

Closed for the holidays!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rihanna "Hard" Video Premiere

Soooo!! The video premiered today, and I must say that I love it. It's sexy. It's hot. It's fueled with visual orgasms and energy. Rihanna is stepping it up. I can't complain. I know what to expect from her, and this was hot. What do you think?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


A picture is worth a thousand words?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Male Louboutins

Christian Louboutin makes sneakers for males.. Lately I've been listening to Jlo's new single "Louboutins" which is great by the way, and it's been making me want a pair of these shoes. Not because of the lyrics. I don't have a star crosed lover who wants to love me part time or anything, but idk, it's just something about hearing her sing, "Im throwing on my Louboutins" that makes me want to just go out and get a pair.

Idk about the leopard print though. What would I wear with it? Where would I wear them too?

Hmmm.. Thoughts.. I really want a pair though... :)


Isn't she cute??
I tend to feel a little down about random things at times.
And just looking at this picture brought a smile to my face.
I love her. She's one of my fave cartoon characters.
How could you not love her?

2009 American Music Awards

And Ya Don't Stop!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Where The Hell Are They?!

Where the hell are these girls???
Someone please tell me..
I was just listening to their album yesterday.
And the song "Do Something" came on..

A couple of lyrics from it go...

"I know my man is there you'd better put him on the phone,
'Cause I'm up in your front yard and I'm very pissed off.
Now you best to send him out and tell him that I'm upset,
Put my man on the phone, or this you will regret."

I NEED these girls back in my life!!!
SOMEONE please find THEM!!

Janet Jackson "Make Me" Official Music Video

Janet Jackson bounces back with the brand new video for her single
"Make Me" taken from her new compilation, "No. 1's".
The song has an 80's vibe, and sounds like something snatched right out of her brother
Michael Jackson's catalog of hits!
She gives it to us right in the track, and brings it even harder in the video.
Never have I seen someone so beautiful.
And it's not just physical beauty. She just seems so happy in the video.
And it all seems to be coming from the inside. She seems as if she is actually having a great time.
She's giving choreography like only she knows how. Her smile is still beautiful.
Idk what to say. The black and white effect just makes her even more great.
I love Janet. And this video just gives me another reason to love her more.
I've loved all of her previous videos, but I think that this is her best effort
since the "All 4 U" era. Maybe because the music is on point as well.
Enjoy the video!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Jennifer Lopez!! "Louboutins"

So Jlo's new track "Louboutins" is OUT!!
And Im just gonna say this..
I listened to the song once when I first got it, and I was not impressed.
So I put it on my ipod and took it to my car..
I blasted it on the way to subway, but subway was closed,
So I went a little further down the street to Burger King.
He's always open for me.. :)

But anyways, since then I've been listening to the song SOOO MUCH!!
I loooooooove it! I think if she performs this really well at the AMA's
and the video is HOT, this is going to be another hit for her.
It's a hit in disguise!! You just have to listen to it more than once.
The hook is soooo catchy!!

And once again, this is my opinion.
So check it out..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't Let Me Down

Leona Lewis' "Dont Let Me Down" is like...
My #1 song right now..

It's soo uplifting me..
It really gets me going.

It's so inspiring.

Whenever I feel like I can't go on,
I always remember that I can't let myself down.
Because if I do, then who else will I have to depend..
Im my own biggest fan, and if I can't count on myself to do, then who will.
The song is so inspirational.
And strong.
And powerful.

Check it out.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lady Gaga "The Fame Monster" Album Review

Lady Gaga is back with with her 8 track album, "The Fame Monster". For her sophomore effort Gaga, steered away from the concoction that made "The Fame" a worldwide sensation. The songs are more deep and in depth, and deal with subjects from self-esteem, to toxic relationships.

The album starts off with the ritzy "Bad Romance" which has the world going in a frenzy with it's super creative and edgy video. It's a "flaws and all" type track on speed and heroin. "I want your ugly..I want your disease.." she sings. The song sounds like it could have been ripped out of the 80's pop and soft rock scene, along with it's predecessor "Dance In The Dark". Gaga flips the script on this track and strays away from anything that you've ever known her for. It tells the story of any young girl who's ever been put down by a family member, or a boyfriend, and made to feel as if they weren't pretty. The ones who behind the locked doors of their bedrooms, sing, and dance as if no one is watching. "Baby loves to dance in the dark, cause when he's looking she falls apart"

Gaga shines lyrically throughout this album and shows she can do all types of music. On "Speechless" which is an ode to her father, she tries her hand in a little bit of country. The lyrics are beautiful, and Gaga's unique voice flows across the beat effortlessly in only a way that she can. In "Monster" she really shows how talented she is, and it's reminiscent of what made her who she is today. "He licked his lips, and said to me, girl you look good, good enough to eat.." she sings. About falling in love with a guy who "ate my heart".

She teams up with Beyonce in "Telephone" for an awesome dance/club track. "Stop calling, stop calling, I dont wanna talk anymore, I left my hand and my heart on the dance floor..." she sings.. Sort of like the pop version of Destiny's Child's "Bug-A-Boo". Beyonce's verse sounds reminiscent of her vocal stylings with the girls from "The Writings On The Wall"

The album is great. And will be able to stand on it's on considering it's 8 tracks. Gaga did it again.. And has shown that she has found her place in the music world, and she's here to stay.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Shakira "Give It Up 2 Me" 15 Sec Video Teaser!

OMG!! You just dont know how excited I am to see this!! I know that she is going to give it 2 me!
I was EXTREMELY impressed with the video for "Did It Again".

I am soo excited that she is doing full out choreo!! I saw her perform this live
on David Letterman and she was great!! It's sooo weird to see her with alot of dancers,
because we all know Shakira is like her own dancers. But this looks like it's going to be good.
Something to watch and learn the choreography too.

I seen a couple of comments on Youtube saying that it reminded them of Single Ladies.
Well I don't see it!! But anyhoo, I can't wait for the whole thing to drop.

I just love love love Shakira!! :)

Rihanna "Rated R" Full Album Review

Rihanna's bounces back after a high profile public altercation with ex Chris Brown, and brings us "Rated R". The album is very to the left to the left from her previous work. Apparently the "good girl" who went "bad" is even badder, and WARNING, be on the lookout cause she aint playing. The album is very dark, and "hard" at the same time. It starts off with the haunting "Mad House" intro which sounds like it could be the theme music for a Rob Zombie film. The speaker suggests "that you turn away now" if you're frightened. Maybe it's another way of telling anyone who isn't ready for something different from Miss RiRi to back the fuck off? Rihanna takes a quick 4 minute break to allow herself to be "semi" vulnerable with "Russian Roulette" which is the softest cut on the album, but then quickly jumps back into the mix with tracks like "G4L" (Gangster For Life) in which she spits, 'I lick the gun when Im done, cause I know that revenge is sweet" and "any mothafucka wanna disrespect, playing with fire 'finna get you wet.." She tells her bitch she's with her, and she's down for life. She even gets edgier and gritty on the adrenaline pounding "Rockstar 101" featuring Slash of the Legendary Guns N Roses. She claims she lives the life of a rock star. living with her "middle finger up, not giving a fuck" "Hey Baby, I'm a rockstar," she shouts, letting you know the only thing missing is "a black guitar". She calls herself a "6 inch walker" and a "big shit talker" and gives anyone the option of friskin her good, but they have to make sure they "check her panties and her bra". The track could be another #1 single for her. Alot of the hardcore bad girl reveals itself in other cuts such as "Hard" (Feat. Jeezy) and "Wait Your Turn". Tracks like "Stupid In Love" and "Cold Case Love" give insight on what could have went down between her and C. Breezy's relationship. She sings, "your love is breaking the law, but I needed a witness..." "will it ever be solved?" The album may take some by surprise, give non likers of her music another reason to not like her, and will give her fans joy and life. For those expecting to get on the dance floor and scream to the dj, "please don't stop the music" take your asses home, cause that Rihanna has been locked away for now.

"Rated R" hits stores Nov. 23

RIhanna "Russian Roulette" Video

Soo the video for Rihanna's single "Russian Roulette" is out..
All I can say is WOW!!

It's really pushing the envelope. It's very deep and dark. And VERY cinematic.
What I like about this, is that it shows that Rihanna can be more than just a dance, pop,
manufactured type artist. This video shows that she can do something that is not
expected of her and show that she is really an artist and not just something put together
to garner hits and things like that. It seems like there was actually some thought process
into making the video, and there wasn't just anything put together. It's very VERY cinematic.
It keeps you looking wondering whats going to happen next. I love all the scenes. I love her
camera presence. She's beautiful. Her voice sounds great. And the underwater scene is just
amazing and visually stimulating. All the hate that she was gaining from this track
should be put to rest now because the video is great. Im impressed.

Album review coming later today.

New Lady Gag & Beyonce!!

Soooo Lady Gaga and Beyonce had two tracks which featured the girls together leak today.

There was Beyonce's
"Video Phone" (Extended Remix) and then there was Lady Gaga's "Telephone"

I'll talk about them later, cause all of a sudden I just didn't feel like doing it. :) lmaoo!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rihanna "Rated R" Preview

So I just got the chance to preview some 30 sec. clips of Rihanna's
"Rated R"

I read a couple of comments before I decided to post because I didn't want
to go off what anyone else said, and I wanted to give my own opinion.
So I listened to it twice.

It's been garnering alot of negative feedback.
I think because of the whole Chris/Rihanna situation,
and because it's not the typical Rihanna music.
And mostly alot of ppl just live to hate on Rihanna.

Well IMO, from what I heard. I think I am gonna like it.
"Rockstar 101" features Slash, and it sounds like it has potential to become a hit for her.
It seems like it's driven by alot of emotional "power" ballads. Not saying that Rihanna's voice
captures that power. But it's written that way. Catch my drift.

In "Rude Boy" she has a Beyonce type flow. It sounds like a song that Beyonce
could blow out the water.

I can't wait to hear the full thing, and I'll be able to give a better opinion of it.
It's definitely a different sound for her. Very dark and different.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" Video

All I have to say is HANDS DOWN,
this is one of the best videos that I have seen in a LONG time.
This is the kind of stuff that keeps me inspired to do what I do!!

It's pure artistry. It's been a long time since we've seen videos like this.
Lady Gaga exudes so much creativity in this video and keeps it very sexy.

It will honestly blow your mind. And the dancing is amazing as well.
Especially the dance sequence in the red outfit.

If you are not a Gaga fan, you can't help but
enjoy this video.


Sunday, November 8, 2009



Torn Pictures...

U know how when you get mad at someone in your life
That you may have took a picture with..
Someone that you may have been in love with or something like that
and you just want to grab the photos,
rip them in half, right down the middle and throw them in the trash?
Thats how I feel right now, but yet I aint gonna do it.
Cause I like the pictures.
But that's how I feel though.
I may be overreacting about the whole situation, but
I dont care. I can't act how I want to.

this is day 1 of officially moving on...

it's gonna be hard though.
i know.

Lady Gaga "Dance In The Dark"

Now THIS is what I call REAL MUSIC!
You can dance to it, but yet it has such a

The lyrics are soooo deep!!

"Some girls won't dance to the beat of the track
She won't walk away, but she won't look back
She looks good, but her boyfriend says she's a mess"

This song could be an inspirational anthem
to girls EVERYWHERE. And thats what I really love about it.
When songs can uplift and inspire like the way this one can,
it makes it that much better to listen to, and that much better all around.
Im pretty sure she will have a great time performing this one!
Can't wait to see what she comes up with!!

I am really starting to love Lady Gaga.
She's soooo positive, and you can't help but like
her artistic style and her passion for her craft.
Truly inspirational.

Friday, November 6, 2009

MTV News Exclusive: Chris Brown 'The Interview"

So today MTV aired an interview
that was shot between
Sway & Chris Brown..
Instead of typing about it..
I Youtubed about it. LMAO!
Check it out!

Top 5 Songs

I decided to do my top 5 for right now.
Cause there are some hot songs out that I am loving!

1. "Did It Again" -Shakira
2. Don't Let Me Down" -Leona Lewis
3. "Fly Above" -Kandi Burress
4. "Make Me" -Janet Jackson
5. "Bad Romance" -Lady Gaga

As you can see the females are dominating my playlist right now.
I love female domination. Soooo hot! :)
Keep it up girls!

Leona Lewis "Echo" Album Review

After 2 years, Leona Lewis is finally back with her sophomore album, "Echo". She took the winning strategy that was "Bleeding Love" and took it to the next level. Her voice is amazing as always, and the production is smooth and consistent throughout the album. She scrapped the formula for her debut album "Spirit" (filled with slow tempos, and ballads), and bumped it up a notch. There are more mid tempos, and heavy beat laden tracks. This album is definitely screaming with potential to produce many hits. Leona shines on "Can't Breathe". It's as if she found some new found confidence, like she's got a new swag. You hear the grit in her voice as she coyly toys around with her lyrics and vocals. She tries to take on the Euro pop sound with "Outta My Head" and it sounds nice. All she would need next is a couple of 3 counts of choreo and she's got it! The first single "Happy" is amazing as well. "Don't Let Me Down" is potential single material as well. She sings, 'if I need a hero, I got my mirror, and I go on with the show" It's very inspirational, and expounds on believing in ones self. It sounds as if she's in a march preparing to goto war. The beat is intoxicating. Think of Beyonce's "Save The Hero" with the male background singers on steriods. If Mariah was to have continued the "Butterfly" and previous albums sound, this is what she would sound like. This will please Leona fans, and surely gain new fans.

The album hits stores and online, Nov. 17th, 2009! Make sure you go out and cop it! :)

Songs To Check Out: "Don't Let Me Down", "Happy", "Can't Breathe", "Lost Then Found" (Feat. One Republic), "Stop Crying Your Heart Out"

I Need A Soldier!!

Who wouldn't want one?
This song has been blowin my mind lately.
But it's fun.. And Im fallin in love with it again..
Damn I want another DC3 album!

Janet Jackson "No. 1's" Countdown

Who ready for this??!!
I know I Am!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pro Active Post!!!!

Ya Boy Is Back With an update!!

Day 6!!
Things are looking sooooo
much better!!!
Just look and see!!
Pro Active is that bitch to date!!
She will love you long time!!!!!!

How I Feel Right Now....

This explains exactly how I feel....

Not with the hate stuff,
But the "WHY R U" part.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Chris Brown "Graffiti" Album Cover

I really like it.
I don't care to much for his ass...
But I aint hatin' on it.
I hope he's not pulling out the big guns
Just to win his fanbase back though....

But it's very creative...
I like.

Thank God!

It's always great to have that 1 person that believes in you.
Someone who believes in you more than you believe in yourself.
And thank God that I have that one person.

He comes in the form of my manager and friend,
Davyon Augustus..

idk what I would do without him.
He gives me so much hope and encourgagement!
He makes what seems impossible
and Reachable!!

Thanks So Much!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

...."i get so lonely"

Hey Guys...
Just wanted to say a couple of things before I went to my room
2 watch "Twitches Too".

Lately, I've been a little "LONELY"
and not just any kinda lonely either..
but the..

"I get so lonely, can't let just anybody hold me.." type.
And I'm not yearning for a love... or a boo... or a babe.. lmaoo..

But I just want a friend... Wanna know the requirements??


Someone who will..
Talk to me about music, books, cartoons, love, food, trees,
the girl over there with the pink shirt,
Someone who can lay on the grass with me and look into the stars
and talk about our hopes and dreams together.
Someone to have sleepovers with, where we can watch movies and play monopoly,
or PS3!!! lol..

Catch my drift??? Aighty Then!!!

Pro Active Post!!!!

Day 4

Homegirl is getting the work DONE!!!
lol!! Look at the changes..
Can you see?
is it just me??

Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Alicia Keys "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart"

Alicia Keys' 2nd single,
"Try To Sleep With A Broken Heart"
has leaked. And if you want to check it out...
Check it out here...

What I think about it?? Okay... Since you asked...
I love it.. It has an old school 80's sound, and if you know me,
YOU KNOW, that I LOOOOVE the 80's.
This sound is soooo good!! I can't wait to see what she does with the video!!
Hopefully this one blows up quicker than
"Doesn't Mean Anything" which I LOVE!!

The bridge is great. It makes you wonder what
she's singing about. Could it be from her point of view?
Or could it be from someone else's point of view?
Either way, she knows how to make a hit song..
Especially one that you can relate to,
And I sure as hell can relate to this sheeit.

Thankx A. Keys. :)

New Rihanna "Wait Your Turn"

The new Rihanna tracked leaked today.
"Wait Your Turn" (The Wait Is Over).

Check it out..

This is what I think.. I am not sure how big it will be.
But I like it.. I look for different things when I listen to a song..
And I like her background vocals, I love the way the slow pre chorus sounds.
I love the bridge. The beat is hawt. I love her accent on it. :)
It's cute. It's not what I would have expected from the way they are blowing this project up
to be like the hottest thing that will drop this year, but I aint hatin on it either.

I am not sure what she is talking about either. lol.
If someone knows, lemme know please.

And if you want 2 download the song. Here ya go!

Check My Foot Werq!!!

Cheeaaaaaa Boooooieeeeeee!!
Waddaya think???
I like... Gangsta, but yet sexy...
Dontcha Think??

Well... I brought them for this outfit that I will be wearing sometime
next week for an engagement that I will be attending...
I'm still hush hush about where I am going, but I will let you know.
I can't wait either. :)

Chauncey Turns 2 Weeks!!! Whoo Hoo

If you don't know,
NOW, you know.. lol.
Today is Saturday, October 31st, 2009!!
Happy Halloween!!!
It's my new lil bro's
2nd week of life outside of my mama's womb.
Aint that SUMPN??!
Yup, Yurr!!
Homebody don't even look 2 weeks old.
Look like he bout 2 mos right?
Yep, I know.. :)

Shakira Feat. Lil Wayne "Give It Up 2 Me"

:Deep Damn Sigh:

Shakira's "She Wolf" is my top album for this year
next to Electrik Red's "How To Be A Lady Vol. 1"
The album is bangin.
But I am sooo got damn mad!!
Instead of releasing the amazing "Did It Again" as her 2nd single in the

She released the Timbaland produced "Give It Up 2 Me" Feat. Lil Wayne.
Now the song is not bad at all.
I personally loooooooove the chorus, BUT
I dont think it's gonna have the impact that I think they are thinking it's gonna have.
"Did It Again" would have been a much better choice.
But anyhoo, here is the track, and it features Mr. Weezy F. Baby himself.. Ugh.
Lemme know what you think...

Another date with Pro Active.. :/

Sooo guys..
We're on Day 2 of the Pro Active train..
And I must say...
I think I am seeing results, but I may just be
visualizing things because I want it to work so bad.
I have a very important engagement, sometime next week,
SOooOoo, I hope that it starts working overtime these
next couple of days...

Day 2

The next pic is after I used all the products for the night..
Gives you a certain GLOW..

Beyonce And Alicia Keys??! WHAAATCHU SAY?!

Didn't have time to find a pic.
Well didn't feel like it..

But anyhoo..
Check this out...

In related news an industry insider told us that Alicia Keys has a track with Beyonce on her up coming album ‘Element Of Freedom’

The track is supposedly produced by Swizz Beatz and is an up tempo club number…


Now this is what I have to say about that..

Alicia Keys and Beyonce?? That would be haaawt!
First we got Beyonce and Lady Gaga..
Now, POSSIBLY, Beyonce and A. Keys??!
Despite the sheeit that's going on with Miss A Woman's Worth right now,
This would be great for both girls!
I hope it's true, and I can't wait to hear it if it is. :)

Just Fuckin Around...

As I was playing
WWE Smackdown VS. Raw 2010 today..
I took a little stroll through the create a wrestler section.
I made a guy, and then I made an entrance..
Look how it came out...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Yessssssssss Shakira!!!!

It's finally here!!
The new video for Shakira's
everywhere else in the got damn world except for the USA
2nd single "Did It Again"

I love it soooooooo damn much! I've been waiting for ever and million.
It's my fave song in the entire world right now, and I can't get enough of it!
I listen and dance like crazy to it at least once a day.
And now I have a great visual to copy! ha ha ha!!
Check it out!! :)

New Britney Spears "3" Video

Here's the vid.
Easily the best video of the the "Circus" era.
I love it.

Something I noticed...
If you watch closely and just look into her eyes
Throughout the whole video, there is something missing...
I think she lost her confidence, because she doesn't seem confident in the vid.

But nonetheless, I love Britney. And I love the amazing song.
And I love the video. ;)

Good Job..

Me and Pro Active are Dating... :/

I can't believe I am doing a post on this BS.

Anyhoo. I met Pro Active at the mall today.
She said I could have her for a price.. I needed her bad.
So I paid to play..

I am now joing Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Serena Williams, and Alicia Keys, and oh yeah
that skateboard dude, in the Pro Active Hoe train. :/

I am sooo sick of walking thru the school halls with my head held low.
It's soo embarrassing and it reall does lower your self esteem.
I have never felt this low in my lifetime.
So I had to do something about it, cause I aint the one to be hiding under no damn rock.
ya digg?

But anyways, I started the process today. And I'll be documenting it with pics and video
until I get some results. I hope it works because I heard bad reviews about this product.
So we shall see!! :)

Day 1:

Let's hope my ass starts looking better by next week!!


Have U Ever Been In Love??

Have you ever been in love??
Not play play love..
Not love high school love..

But love where it's like you feel like you're married
Even if you're not...
The love where, someone may mess up,
but it's okay, cause you got it..

You understand it's imperfections..
It's wrongs, It's rights..
It's annoyances...
The things that make you smile..
The things that make you cry..

It's beautiful truths..
It's ugly lies...

ALL of the above..

Love is a beautiful thing..
hold on to it..
If you got a good thing.. HOLD ON TO IT.
If you dont I'll slap you..

Love is......AMAZING.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lola..JLo..Jenny From The Block??!

Call her whatever you want to call her..
I love it either way..

But anyhoo, gul is coming out with a new album next year
and it's titled....


Cute title. Anways, her lilttle buzz single is
"Fresh Out The Oven" Feat. Pitt Bull.
Honestly, I aint like it when I first heard it. I was like no way hosea.
Then when I heard it wasn't gonna be on the album, I kinda loosened up my buttons a lil bit.
But then I started getting into the song more and more and more and more, until I liked it!
It's sexy. The video should be dropping soon.. Some ppl already got a chance to check it out at club LIV not to long ago. Here's some low ass boo ghetto ass quality videos
that someone posted to Youtube. And to whoever posted them junks, I am very very
appreciative. No shade to your low quality ass ish! ha ha!!

Check em out!!

Alsooo.. Miss Lola, should be dropping her 1st single from
the album soon, and it's called "Louboutins"
or however you spell that popular ass shoe. LMAO.
It's produced by Tricky Stewart & The Dream, and hopefully
it's haaaawt as hell, cause I love JLo...
New "Single Ladies" maybe??
LMAOO!! Who knowss...
I sure as hell don't!!


Get My Ass Back In The Kitchen....

I asked someone if they heard the new Shakira album.
This is what they said..

"No...I would have known if you would have updated your site..."

I was like...well damn!! Someone went and got all Waymon on me and sheeit..

Starting today, just so I don't have to have
any of them recurrences <<-- or however the hell you spell that word...
(( #IDontGiveAFUCK ))

I will be updating this bitch on the regular..
And besides, I dont wanna have to come back up in hea
and clean up the got damn cobwebs..

Mmkay?? Okay..

Now that we're all back on one
accord, expect that New...New.. Shit... :)

Oh yeah, and my feelings and all that.
Cause errbody know I can be an emotional ass drunk at times.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So Good Video!!

keep streaming it!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009

H.A.T.E. U (Full Leak) ( Mariah Carey ) Mixtape

FreshFacezOnline and WayneDaStar Team Up to bring you the leak! From his upcoming mixtape, we have "H.A.T.E U"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Electrik Red Shouts Out Ya Boi!! And The Rest Of Team ER

Yes!! So you all know that I had the oppurtunity to talk to the girls, which was great may I add. Well the girls returned the love and shouted ya boi out!! Just peep the video. It shows how much in tune they are with their fans and I love it!! Fan 4 Lyfe!!

Electrik Red Interview With WayneDaStar (Pt.1)

So, everyone and they mama knows that I am an Electrik Red junkie, I just can't get enough of these girls!! They are awesome. I had the chance to get them on the phone and talk to them about a couple of things and it was awesome. They are so humble and down to earth that it's just amazing! I loved every bit of the convo. Hope you guys enjoy!

Electrik Red Interview With WayneDaStar (Pt. 2)

Part 2 Of The Interview.. Enjoy!


I was just thinking about all of the things that I do in my day to day life. Sometimes I feel like SuperMan..but someone had to remind me that I am not. But isn't great to feel like that? Like I can save everybodies world?? That is a great feeling. I love it.

Just thought that I would post this because I am running off an hour of sleep. And I have alot going on today. ;-) Love ya!!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Damn Cassie Got Sum Purrrdy Titties! LMAO!


Cassie got a picture leaked to the net. Someone "hacked" into her computer and posted it.
Well...... Hmmm...Do I care??!! Nope. I know it sucks to have someone leak a picture of you in the buff, but it happens to the best of us. Ya digg?? I love the way Cassie played it of tho. Check her twitter message.

"Stop acting like you haven't seen a titty before" LMAO!! I love it!!! Get it gul!! Now for the photos.... Uh oh!!! LMAO!! Not Safe 4 Work.... Sooooo be careful! And oh yeah! Them junks is pierced too!!! Cassie a FREAK!!!

Cassies Titties!! LMAO!

Electrik Red 106 & Park Domination PPL!!!

Get into it people!! We are taking over the 106 & Park countdown!! You hear me??! Yesterday "So Good" (Remix) made it's return to the countdown at #7, and we are anxious to see where it lands today. I know I voted my ass off last night. And I did alot of voting today. And alot of the other fans stayed up voting like hell as well! These girls have some very dedicated fans and they appreciate it very much!! That is what makes us continue to work hard to get them where they belong to be! #1!! When that day comes I swear I am gonna be just as happy as I know they will be. S0 everyone, lend a helping hang and take the timeout to vote for the girls! We all would very much appreciate it, and besides, we need to get some of that lame shit off the countdown anyways. Music is making a comeback, and we can start with Electrik Red! WORLDWIDE DOMINATION!!!!

WTF??!! WHY??!!! Lil Kim Goes Home!!!

"You cut like a knife and left me hear to this is why I cry......."

Okay!! Do I need to even express how upset I am about this shit??!!! What an outrage! What a fuckin travesty! Excuse my language peoples, but anyone who knows me, knows that I was rooting for Lil Kim to win this shit. How many of my twiggas I got hooked on this show? How many of my Lil Kim haters minds was changed after they saw her dip it low, bring it up slow, and work that ass like she on a 9 To 5??!!! UGH!!!!! I can't believe it!!!

Now what makes this whole situation worse is who stayed while she left. TY!! OMG!! TY!!??? TY??!!! Really??!! REALLLY??!!!

Now I aint no hater, and I love TY, but I am pretty sure that he knew he didn't deserve that spot. You could tell, he looked like he saw Casper when he found out he was staying on that show. Lil Kim gave her all! Her sweat! Her tears! She worked hard to prove that she had what it takes to be the best. To show the world that she isn't what they all think of her. It was like the shot heard around the world. It hurt me!! I wanted to cry! I've been a fan before the show, and watching her on the show just made me fall in love with her SOOOOO much more. :-(

She will be missed. I can't wait to see what other things she has in store now. This show has definitely put her back into the game, which I don't think she ever left, but I know she is going to have a lot of oppurtunities to do alot of things since this. We Love U Kim!! Get it Gul!!!

So I finally Saw Obsessed.....

Soooo....I finally got up the nerve to watch Obsessed. Did I like it? Yep. Did I love it? Nope. At least not yet. My honest opinion? I think the movie was sooo big because Beyonce had her famous as hell ass up in it. I'm glad she is getting better at acting. It started off a little slow, but it got straight to the point and that was nice. There was no running away from the plot then getting back to the plot. It was all about one thing, Ali Larter being one obsessed bitch! First off, let me give KUDOS to homegurl, cause she played that part to a T. Damn, I was like.."Wow...I'm really loving this chick". Even tho she was the "Villian", I loved it. She had me wanting more. Now at the beginning I was like Beyonce...come on girl. But when she ran up in that hospital, that's when I knew it was about to be on. She had me rolling on that "Try Me Bitch" line. I was like oh shit! Sharon getting gangsta! LMAO!! Beyonce in my opinion needs to play more parts like this.

The highlight of the movie is of course, the "FIGHT SCENE" a.k.a "Beyonce Whoops Dat Ass All Ova Da Place". I was like got damn!! Now that is what I am talking bout. I was more hyper than...well idk, but I was hyped as hell. It ended too soon tho. I give this movie a B. I think they could have jazzed it up a little bit more. It was a little too quick for me. If I could go back and add a little bit here and there.. Well...

I would have made Sharon and Lisa a little more closer. Given them more of a relationship than they had. Maybe Idris would have gotten a little more freakier with home girl. I mean, I understand you got a wife and kid, but come on...lmao.. Just a few pecks here and there. And left the rest as it was. Good movie. Great job Beyonce. ;-)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Teairra Mari Causes A Got Damn Scene!! (Music Video)

YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! I love it. Teairra has most definitely stepped her game up!! I dont know if I can even find the words to say to describe this video. I mean it's simple, but it's hot as hell. The ladies are most definitely stepping their game up this year. I don't know what it is, but it's something that is giving them that drive. I especially love the dancing homegurl is doing towards the end under the black light with the glow in the dark paint. Hotness!!! Fire!!!!

And dont you love how she is doing it all on her own??! With NO Jay Z?? If you ask me, she's better this time around without him!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Honey Gurl Is Bizzack!!!

Honey Gurl is back with her new video "Download" (Featuring Charlie Wilson and T-Pain). We all know T-Pain got into some freak accident and hurt himself so he couldn't make the video shoot. But at least they didn't forget about him. The video is nice. Kim is sexy as ever. She looks happy and comfortable. I believe that she is finally comfortable with her image, and I LOVE it. It's the best she has looked in a while. Big ups to the Derek (dancing partner) and LisaRaye cameos. Oh yeah, and peep the lil boy from "All Of Us" as well. LMAO. Hot stuff!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Britney Spear's Baby Is Fierce!!!

I thought that this was hilarious and I just had to post it!! Snap for the kids Sean Preston!! Too FIERCE!!!!!!!!!!!

Nas & Kelis- "OVER"!!!!!!!!

Tsk Tsk Tsk..Smh...And I thought these two would last. And it is suchhhhhhhhh a shame that she is 7 mos pregnant too... Hopefully they can have a change of heart. I wonder what went down.I guess he didn't want to get it on "In Public" and her "Milkshake" just stopped bringing him to the yard. Check out the article from

April 30, 2009 @ 7:00 pm

VIBE EXCLUSIVE: Nas and Kelis’ Divorce Confirmed
Keith Murphy

One of hip hop’s most talked about married couples have split. VIBE has confirmed that Nas and Kelis are headed for a divorce. “I can confirm that she has filed for divorce,” a spokesperson for Kelis told VIBE. “We request the media to respect her privacy during this very difficult time.” At around 3:45pm PST, high-powered attorney Laura Wasser (who has also represented Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, and Stevie Wonder) filed a divorce petition today on behalf of Kelis, citing irreconciable differences. The bombshell comes amid recent reports that the acclaimed rhymer and influential R&B vixen were expecting their first child together—a son. Kelis is currently seven months pregnant.

It was only last February when Nas spoke excitedly to MTV about the prospect of having a baby with Kelis. “Yeah, man, I find out what it's gonna be next week, so I'm happy," said the multiplatinum rapper, who also has a 15-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Nas and Kelis first met in 2002 at a MTV Video Music Awards afterparty thrown by hip hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. “I wasn’t going to go, but I’m glad I did,” Nas told VIBE in June 2003. “Then at the afterparty, I met my girl.” Kelis remembered the meeting with her future husband vividly: “Everyone moves out of the way, and Nas stands up, and I put my hand out, and I’m like, Hey, I’m Kelis. And he goes, ‘Who?’… So I’m crawling into a ing hole, and he’s like, ‘Wait-huh? What’s your name? And I’m like, Kelis, and he’s like, ‘Oh, well that’s great, because I’ve been waiting to make you my wife all these years.’” When Nas told her of his bold marital plans, she replied in typical Kelis form. “That’s great, because that’s all I wanna be.”

After dating for two years, the pair married in a small ceremony in Atlanta on July 28, 2003. Their relationship even sparked artistic collaborations, with Nas appearing on Kelis’ sensual single "In Public," featured on her 2003 release Tasty (Star Trak/Arista). Kelis returned the favor on the Queensbridge, N.Y., MC’s controversial 2006 work Hip Hop Is Dead (Def Jam) on “Not Going Back.” Yet, since March of 2008, rumors of the couple separating have been circulating on the Web. Nas’ spokesperson could not be reached for comment.

Who Sung It Better: "Diamonds"

Soooooooo....It was already said that Christina Milian had a song with Kanye West on her new album, which was called "Diamonds" and she was really excited about it. Then out of nowhere, a version pops up with Teairra Mari's vocals on it.

Well the Xtina Milian version dropped as well...and like Beyonce said in "Kitty Kat" I'm not feelin it boo boo. I couldn't even listen to the whole thing!! I totally think that Teairra did it much better. It's just something missing from Xtina's. I think her voice is too soft, which is weird because it's a soft song....but idk..It's dull. Mari rocked it better, and hopefully the song goes to her. What do you think?

Gul..Ima Need U To Fix Ya Hurr...

And that is all that I'm gon say.....Put a ring on that...wuh oh oh..

Oh yeah, they leaving Mr. Chow..
Don't it look like they just had sex in the kitchen, over by the stove??

Lesley of Electrik Red Follows Wayne!!!

Yay eveybody!! My Boo Lesley from Electrik Red is now following your boy on Twitter!! And that is great!!!! I am sooooooooooooo happy!!! I'm just in love and floating on the clouds right now. :D

Yep!! That be her!! Now gonna really ramble on! Just will let the video speak for itself. LMAO!! Enjoy!!

Oh Shit!! Got Damn Wolverine!!!

That is all I can say. GOT DAMNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! Wolverine!! Why you do this to me??? You gonna make me have a heart attack..

So we all know the Wolverine movie came out Friday. And when I say "came out", I mean it CAME OUT!! With a BANG!!!!! $35 million dollars opening day???? WTF??!! Imagine what it's gonna be like when the whole weekend is calculated. And I KNOW alot of ppl went to go see it today.

He's next in line with the other 3 Xmen movies he did. Just shows to prove what you can do by youself sometimes.

XMen the first movie came out with 20.8mil opening day, X2 had 31.2 on it' first day, and Xmen 3 had 45.1mil on it's opening day.

Man the Xmen series kick ass at box office. I gotta go check this one out. Congrats Wolvy. ;)

Halo Cracks That Top 10 Spot!!!

Get it Beyonce!! Halo is now officially a TOP 10 hit for Beyonce!! Hallelujah!! Considering I don't like the song, -NOT saying it's a bad song, cause it's a great song, I just don't like it- I am extremely happy for homegirl. She worked hard for it. Amazing album, tho it's not my fave, but good work. Let's see what happens next with Ego and Brokenhearted girl. :D

Maybe I should listen to it somemore to see if I can force myself to like it even more..Hmmm...Idk... We shall see...