Friday, November 6, 2009

Leona Lewis "Echo" Album Review

After 2 years, Leona Lewis is finally back with her sophomore album, "Echo". She took the winning strategy that was "Bleeding Love" and took it to the next level. Her voice is amazing as always, and the production is smooth and consistent throughout the album. She scrapped the formula for her debut album "Spirit" (filled with slow tempos, and ballads), and bumped it up a notch. There are more mid tempos, and heavy beat laden tracks. This album is definitely screaming with potential to produce many hits. Leona shines on "Can't Breathe". It's as if she found some new found confidence, like she's got a new swag. You hear the grit in her voice as she coyly toys around with her lyrics and vocals. She tries to take on the Euro pop sound with "Outta My Head" and it sounds nice. All she would need next is a couple of 3 counts of choreo and she's got it! The first single "Happy" is amazing as well. "Don't Let Me Down" is potential single material as well. She sings, 'if I need a hero, I got my mirror, and I go on with the show" It's very inspirational, and expounds on believing in ones self. It sounds as if she's in a march preparing to goto war. The beat is intoxicating. Think of Beyonce's "Save The Hero" with the male background singers on steriods. If Mariah was to have continued the "Butterfly" and previous albums sound, this is what she would sound like. This will please Leona fans, and surely gain new fans.

The album hits stores and online, Nov. 17th, 2009! Make sure you go out and cop it! :)

Songs To Check Out: "Don't Let Me Down", "Happy", "Can't Breathe", "Lost Then Found" (Feat. One Republic), "Stop Crying Your Heart Out"