Friday, November 13, 2009

Rihanna "Rated R" Full Album Review

Rihanna's bounces back after a high profile public altercation with ex Chris Brown, and brings us "Rated R". The album is very to the left to the left from her previous work. Apparently the "good girl" who went "bad" is even badder, and WARNING, be on the lookout cause she aint playing. The album is very dark, and "hard" at the same time. It starts off with the haunting "Mad House" intro which sounds like it could be the theme music for a Rob Zombie film. The speaker suggests "that you turn away now" if you're frightened. Maybe it's another way of telling anyone who isn't ready for something different from Miss RiRi to back the fuck off? Rihanna takes a quick 4 minute break to allow herself to be "semi" vulnerable with "Russian Roulette" which is the softest cut on the album, but then quickly jumps back into the mix with tracks like "G4L" (Gangster For Life) in which she spits, 'I lick the gun when Im done, cause I know that revenge is sweet" and "any mothafucka wanna disrespect, playing with fire 'finna get you wet.." She tells her bitch she's with her, and she's down for life. She even gets edgier and gritty on the adrenaline pounding "Rockstar 101" featuring Slash of the Legendary Guns N Roses. She claims she lives the life of a rock star. living with her "middle finger up, not giving a fuck" "Hey Baby, I'm a rockstar," she shouts, letting you know the only thing missing is "a black guitar". She calls herself a "6 inch walker" and a "big shit talker" and gives anyone the option of friskin her good, but they have to make sure they "check her panties and her bra". The track could be another #1 single for her. Alot of the hardcore bad girl reveals itself in other cuts such as "Hard" (Feat. Jeezy) and "Wait Your Turn". Tracks like "Stupid In Love" and "Cold Case Love" give insight on what could have went down between her and C. Breezy's relationship. She sings, "your love is breaking the law, but I needed a witness..." "will it ever be solved?" The album may take some by surprise, give non likers of her music another reason to not like her, and will give her fans joy and life. For those expecting to get on the dance floor and scream to the dj, "please don't stop the music" take your asses home, cause that Rihanna has been locked away for now.

"Rated R" hits stores Nov. 23