Monday, April 28, 2008

Wayne Singing At Church

Here is a video of Wayne singing at his church this past Sunday. He did a good job.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Michelle Williams On Set Of "We Break The Dawn"

Some photos of Michelle on the set of her new video we Break The Dawn have popped up and all I can say is wow!!! She looks sooooo hot. She looks great. I am really lovin' the look she has goin for her this time around and I am lovin' the new music that she is poppin out. She isn't playing this time around. I definitely think she has a chance at chart topping success with this project!!!

Here is the track if you haven't heard it!

We Break The Dawn-Michelle Williams

New Cassie Snippet "Tonight"

A new Cassie snippet has surfaced. To be short and blunt, it aint the best from her, but nevertheless, I am still anticipating her upcoming album. Check it out.

"Tonight" (Snippet)-Cassie

Love In This Club Pt. 2-Usher Feat. Beyonce & LilWayne

So a remix surfaced yesterday of Love In This Club by Usher featuring Beyonce and LilWayne. I didn't get to hear it until today. When I heard it, I was like wow. Beyonce sounds great. Lilwayne....yuck, but ppl will dig him. He's whats hot these days. But other than that, I was not a fan of the original, but this version I like alot. It's hot. Check it out!!!

Love In This Club Pt. 2-Usher (Feat. Beyonce & Lil Wayne)

Lil Mama "Voice Of The Young People Review

I must say that I am really feeling this album!!

With the female rapper scene lacking greatly, Lil Mama steps in and fills that void. With "Voice of the Young People" she shows that she maybe here to stay. On what is undoubtly a superb debut from 18 yr old female mc, Lil Mama comes hard. There's no half-stepping. The album starts off with the hit "Lip Gloss" on which Mam boasts that her lip gloss has all the girls jockin'. Lip Gloss. Next to Lip Gloss, there is G-Slide and Shawty Get Loose, which are radio friendly tracks. G-Slide at points is a little cheesy, but then she comes in hard when the beat changes and makes it up for it, and on Shawty Get Loose, she hits the dance floor and shows that not only can she flow, she can dance too. Mama's flow at times is cocky, and she knows it to. On "What It Is (Strike A Pose)" which boasts the second T-Pain cameo on the album, she sets the bar for all welcome competitors, she let's them know "I'm what it is", stating her prescense here on the rap scene. They're welcome to come at her, but she leaves them wary of what they are going up against. Then there's "Pick It Up", one more track directed at the dance floor. It's a good track, but compared to the rest of the stellar material on the album, just like, Lip Gloss, G-Slide, and Shawty Get Loose, it gets lost, but she makes up for it with the rest of the album. L.I.F.E brings Lil Mama showing that not only can she rap, she can sing as well. This track tells the struggles of a young woman who goes through living with a mother addicted to drugs, teenage pregnancy and an abusive boyfriend. You never know if it's Lil Mama's story, or if that is just what is, a story, but you do know that her flow is so believable, you have no choice but to listen and hang on to her every word. Voice of the Young People is a very versatile album. She doesn't just rap, she sings on the tracks as well, and her voice is actually very good. She switches it up on certain tracks, so as not to leave you just getting one dimension of her. She shows off all of her sides. On tracks like "Stand Up", the DJ Khaled produced "One Hit Wonder" and "College", Lil Mama shows off her extreme lyric capability. She is amazing, and surprising. "Stand Up" is the callout to the crisises that plague the black community today such as teenage pregnancies, dead beat dads who don't want to grow up, and the projects. She's calling everyone to stand up and speak on whats going on, and not to mention, this is where she SANGS! "One Hit Wonder" statest that Lip Gloss is not the best of her. She states that she is hear to stay when she says, "one hit wonder? one hit please!" She states here that she is the voice of the young people and that she is one of the fewest female mcs of the century, which is indeed very true. Her flow resembles a young Left-Eye here. "College" shows how good she can use her lyrics. From the beginning of the song, you think that she's leaving for college, spending her last day with her mother, seeing other's crying with their parents, but it's not until she and her mother enter a gate and aree checked, that you realize that college, is prison, where her father currently studies. Then there's what maybe the best track on this album full of surprises, and that's "Broken Pieces". It's backed with a guitar instrumental. She sings and raps of heartbreak, being caught up in love with a guy who doesn't want to do right. She goes and takes a look in the mirror and raps to herself that she needs to get it together. This shows that she can be a crossover success. There's also tracks like "Swim" and "Truly In Love" which also shows Mama's crossover potential. They'r both single material, and they both leave you impressed with her. Lil Mama makes you remember what a really GOOD female mc was like. She's got what it takes. Though she may be the Voice of the young people right now, if she keeps this up she could be the voice for female mcs everywhere. She's showed that she can stand up with the greats, and that with her multi talents, she is hear to stay. What a great way to make a debut.

Recommend: WHOLE ALBUM, but standout tracks are: "L.I.F.E", "Broken Pieces", "Swim", "Stand Up", "One Hit Wonder", "College"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Alicia Keys "Teenage Love Affair" Video

The video for Alicia Keys' "Teenage Love Affair" premiered not to long ago, and I must say that I am really and truly loving it. It has that whole 90's vibe to it. Back when videos were interesting and seemed fun. She looked liked she had alot of fun in the video. It's really hot!! LOVE IT!!! Keep up the great work Alicia!!!

Mom & Dad's 16th or 17th Anniversary!!!

Well, April 20th highlighted my mom and dad's 16th or 17th year of marriage. I am not sure. But I am happy that they made it this long. I am extremely happy for them. They went out to dinner that saturday night with two friends and that sunday that got rid of me and my sister and had the house to themselves. Hmmmm I wonder what they could have been doing. Maybe it's time for another kid in the house??? Who knows. I would like one, but I am not sure how that is going to work right about now. Anyways, here are the pics.

New Fergie "Labels Or Love"/"The Dutchess" Rerelease

Here is Fergie's new track from the Sex And The City Movie OST. It is taken from the show's theme song. I must say, I really like it. It is very Fergie-esque. It's what she is known for and what she does well. I love the hook. It's hot. It sounds like something that could have been on her "The Dutchess" album, and now that I think about it, she will be releasing that album May 27th this year. Here is what she had to say about it.

"That's what everyone's doing nowadays, I hear," she laughed. "The label came to me and said this would be a good idea, and I thought, 'Well, OK, if this is another way for me to put out these songs that I've been wanting people to hear, then great.' The music business is changing, and this repackage thing is a new way for people to put out songs that they want people to hear, so I'm cool with it."

The rerelease will also feature the hit "Party People" with Nelly, which is doing extremely well on the 106 & Park countdown. It was number 6 yesterday.

But anyways, here is the track. Enjoy!

"Love Or Labels"-Fergie (Sex And The City OST)


Now, all I am gonna say about these pics is "OH HELL NO!!!!" LOL!! Is she serious? I don't see anything wrong with going to church and praying, but these pics don't even seem right to me. Not at all. LOL!!!! I think this is just a publicity stunt. Really and truly!!

New Song "The Pain"-The Game (Feat. Keyshia Cole)

This is set to be the first single off of The Game's 3rd LP entitled, "LAX" which I will definitely be picking up a copy of. The song is called, "The Pain" and it features Keyshia Cole and I must say that I am really feeling it. I am lovin' Game's flow on it, and he is talking about some good things. Keyshia sounds really good as well! Check it out!

"The Pain"-The Game (Feat. Keyshia Cole)

Madonna "Hard Candy" Album Review

Here is my review for Madonna's new album "Hard Candy". First off though I want to say that, I know that she doesn't have the best voice in the world, but I love her tone, and I love the way she sounds. I have never been a big Madonna fan, you know the one to go out and buy all of her albums, but I really liked this one.

With "Hard Candy" Madonna gives you a sugar rush so sweet, it'll leave you on high for days. As she takes you on a journey through her 12 track candy factory, she makes you want to "get up outta yo seat" as she calls out in the album opener and banger, "Candy Shop". Even tho Madonna may be pushing 50 she shows that she still has it as she sings that her candy is "raw, sticky and sweet" as she says it's so "good you'll be beggin' for more". If she had one thing in mind while recording this album, it's that she wanted to dance. The 12 Timbaland and Neptunes produced tracks are full of "club bangers" and potential singles. There's the band backed "4 Minutes" produced by Tim which features Justin Timberlake. While singing about only having 4 minutes to save the world from what ever problem, Madonna seems laid back and cool, relaxed. Nothing to worry about. Madonna keeps it on the dancefloor as the album pounds on. Then there's her ode to 'long distance love' in "Miles Away", in which Madonna tells her lover that "you always love me more, when you're miles away". She makes "so far away" love so pleasing. If you never thought long distance relationships would work, Madonna showcases that even though it's not her forte, it does work. Then there's her shout out to all her wannabe's and mini me's, "She's Not Me" where she sings, "she started reading my books and stealing my looks and lingerie". Maybe they aren't doing it right? She sings that even though they may be imitating, they will never duplicate, and there will never be another Madonna. "Incredible" pays homage to having "one of those days" and "life being great". Madonna flows on the Neptune's track and makes it her own with her signature sound. You many not think she has the best voice, but it's no doubt that she knows how to use what she has and use it well. Janet contines to get her groove on and back, (if she ever lost it) with "Beat Goes On" in which she calls on Kanye West to drop a quick 16. The bar's are not Kanye's best ever, but he does give Madonna a little to add to her mix. "Spanish Lessons" finds Madonna speaking spanish. It's a good track, but it doesn't have that factor. One of the standout tracks on the album would be "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You", where Madonna let's her lover know the deal. She says that even though the devil wouldn't recognize the games that he''s playing, she does and she knows whats going on. She sings "It's like over and over you keep pushing me back down to the floor", but yet she still keeps coming back for more. Justin Timberlake then comes back in for the third time, of four, for a nice breakdown filled with choir-like "oh's". Madonna's addicted, she's intoxicated. She can't let go. The album is really good. Something to dance too. Madonna show's that she can still hang. Although some tracks go on way to long than they should, it's still a great album for any Madonna fan to add to their collection. So get ready to take a bite, but be careful, it's "raw, sticky and sweet". Oh yeah, and "HARD".

Recommend: "Candy Shop" "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" "Heartbeat" "Miles Away" "Incredible" "4 Minutes" "She's Not Me"

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Janet Set For New World Tour!! YAY!!!!!!

Oh yeah!! Ms. Nasty Ass Janet (in a good way!) is set to go back on another woldwide tour that kicks off on Sept. 11th!! I can't wait, because it will be great to see her perform again, and hopefully this will help out her lackluster album sales for "Discipline". It was posted earlier that her next single will be "Can't Be Good" and like I stated, I am not feeling that. I even left her a messge on Myspace saying that that was not a good idea to do!! But anyways, ppl love Janet, so hopefully this tour is a good thing. Here is the interview that she did with E!Online. It's long so....LOL!!!! Enjoy!!!

Janet Talks Marriage, Broadway and Drag Queens
Today 4:00 AM PDT
E! Online
by Marc Malkin

Good news for Janet Jackson fans. She's hitting the road again. Ms. Nasty tells me she'll launch a new world tour on Sept. 11.

"The next big thing on the agenda is prepping for the tour," Jackson says. "I'm still promoting the new album [Discipline] right now, but we'll be getting into rehearsals in about a month and then start touring."

But at this very moment Jackson, 41, is thinking about Saturday, when Ellen DeGeneres will present her with the Vanguard Award at the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's 19th Annual Media Awards at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre.

Jackson is in good company. Past recipients include Charlize Theron, Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Aniston, Whoopi Goldberg, Antonio Banderas and Liza Minnelli. I caught up with Jackson the other day from her home in L.A., where she spoke about her thoughts on getting married again, those never-ending rumors, her dreams of Broadway and why she wishes she was more like Janet drag queens:

Why do you think you're getting the Vanguard Award from GLAAD?
I think it's because of the work I have done related to AIDS, and also just the support that I've given them throughout the years. I'm excited.

I have to ask, what are you going to wear?
[Laughs.] I think I am going to wear Ralph Lauren.

I actually think Ellen may have a little crush on you. You two had a great rapport when you were on her show.
I absolutely adore here. She's smart. She's funny. She's fun to be around. I really enjoy her. She's very talented.

It's kind of amazing that when Ellen came out of the closet her sitcom was canceled, but now she's back on top-one of our biggest stars.
I'm so happy she did do that, because someone had to take that stance...For her to be so courageous and something came out of it much bigger and much better and really positive. It was a shame that they canceled her show once she did that. That's ridiculous...Do you hear that noise in the background?

I do.
Sorry, that's my dog playing with the water bottle.

What kind of dog do you have?
A bulldog. Now he decides to play with it. It's been on the floor the entire time for about two hours. Now that I'm on the phone he wants to play with it...So you still have discrimination. It's sad. It really is. But, I think, slowly but surely, it's getting better.

When did you first realize you were a icon?
I never thought of myself as that, and it never even crossed my mind when people started calling me icon and legend and all this other stuff. I remember I was over in Europe and I called my boyfriend [music megaproducer Jermaine Dupri] once because they had introduced me on a show as a legend, and I said, "You know they introduced me as 'the legendary Janet Jackson', " and he said, "You are." [Laughs.] I never thought of that or looked at myself in that way. But I'll wear the title. I'll own it.

Who have been some of your favorite Janet Jackson drag queens?
It's awful because I can't remember their names, but one of them was at the Baton [Show Lounge] in Chicago. This was a few years ago. And she did a wonderful job. And another was not that long ago recently in Atlanta at the Jungle. She did a wonderful job as well.

Why do you think they do a good Janet? What's a good Janet drag queen?
They really study you. They truly study you. But you know, they pour it on more, which I absolutely love. They give more than I do and I love that. The first time I went to the Baton in Chicago and saw this show, I was with some of my [female] dancers. Afterward, I said to my dancers, "We've gotta pull up because these es are hitting it. They're giving so much femininity and we look like boys onstage." The next night we had a show and we were trying our hardest to ooze with that feminine touch.

So Janet wants to be a Janet drag queen?
[Laughs.] When [late makeup artist] Kevyn Aucoin was around, I used to say it would be really fun to do a whole editorial spread in a magazine with me as a drag queen, completely from head to toe. I would love to do that.

You've said it doesn't bother you if someone says you're gay or bisexual. So if you were, who would be your top three girl crushes?
I don't know if I have three. I think I would pick Alicia Keys, for sure. I think she's wonderful.

Why does it seem that strong women like yourself, Oprah and Alicia always get the lesbian rumors?
Maybe because it's just that we're strong women. I don't know. Maybe they want to put something else behind it because of the strength. Like, you can't be a woman and be strong, and there has to be something else to it.

Do you remember the first time someone told you there are rumors out there that you're gay?
I don't remember the first time, but it's been forever. Someone once said to me, "Doesn't that bother you?" And I was like, Why should it bother me?

What would you do if your boyfriend came home one day and said, "Honey, I've got something to tell you-I'm gay"?
I'd be upset because I want to be with him [Laughs.]. It's so funny because I joke with him that it drives me crazy to be a girl sometimes, so in my next life I'm going to come back as a guy and [he's] going to be my . But if he liked guys, I would be crushed because I would want to be with him.

The AIDS epidemic started and then we were at the height of it when you started to hit the big time with albums like Rhythm Nation and Control. Do you remember when you first heard about the disease? Was it when you started losing friends?
I lost a lot of friends. Friends from the show Fame who I had danced with, some of the kids from Nasty, some of the kids who danced with my brothers who I knew. Makeup artists. I lost a lot of friends to AIDS and one who I absolutely adored so much. His name was Jose, and we worked a lot together in Europe. He would put these eyelashes on me that he would make from real hair. His sister would cut her hair so he could make these eyelashes. They were the most beautiful things. He was so much fun to be with. I had heard he was sick and he was passing, and it was just so sad. It's so sad.

Did you get to talk to him before he passed?
I didn't. It was too late. I didn't have the opportunity to. That part really hurts, when you're trying to reach someone before.

Do you remember being scared?
Yeah, because no one knew. No one knew exactly what it was. No one knew anything about the disease. I do remember being fearful of how you contract it. And then Magic [Johnson] got it. That's when I think everyone was starting to get fearful-that it could be a heterosexual thing. They wanted to believe it was only something people got; that it can't touch them. Suddenly, everyone was frightened.

Even though it's gotten better, there's now a young generation that doesn't seem to get it. There are young men who don't see HIV and AIDS as a threat.
Yes, they're being a little too-and I am not going to be mild about it-careless. And now there's the whole drug scene with crystal meth...I hear it gives you this high that makes you want to have sex and not use anything. It's scary.

You've been one of those people who have lived a pretty clean life. And that's not an easy thing to do in Hollywood. How have you done it?
It's the people you surround yourself with, it's who your circle of friends are. And I was raised a certain way, so that definitely helped. But still, once you become an adult and you get some fame under your belt, people want to go crazy. But it's really who you surround yourself with. When I moved away from home, I kept that with me-being grounded and all that my parents did to keep us grounded. It's still with me today. I'm very fortunate. But I know people who have fallen victim to addiction, and I've tried to help them.

Really? What have you done to help?
I just had a friend recently who is in the fashion industry and he called me and said, "I need help." I gave him every resource that I knew of and everything fell in place. He was so fortunate. God was really with him. He needed someone to travel with him all the time because he jumps around to Europe, over to the Middle East and everywhere. Thank god, I was able to get someone to travel with him and get him to [12-step] meetings and still do his business. I said, "You have to change your circle of friends." That's also what the person I got him with told him. And he's doing good. He's doing very well. I'm really proud of him.

Let's talk about marriage...
I think it should be legalized. I think it's about finding your soul mate. It's finding that person you connect with. But most people don't get it right. Look at me! The thing is, I don't know if I ever will or won't get married again. I'm very happy where I am. I just think I jinx marriages, but that's not going to stop me from loving.

You appeared in a PSA to combat hate crimes that was produced after 15-year-old Lawrence King was murdered in February because he was . Why was that so important to you?
That broke my heart. He was finally coming into his own and being himself and being OK with who he was. He was feeling good about that and not living in this shell and pretending to be someone else. He was letting all of that go and saying, "This is me." But being murdered for being who you are, for being real-we were crushed by that.

Have you decided who you are going to support in the presidential election?
I kind of have an idea, but I am going to keep that to myself. I really haven't for sure said, This is it. I'm swaying definitely one way more than the other.

When are we going to see Janet on Broadway?
That's always been a dream of mine. I would love to do a musical.

Do you have a dream role?
I don't know. I just want to do a musical that touches on everything-something that's funny and dramatic, but definitely a musical.

Well, Janet, that would seal the deal. Do a Broadway musical and you'll be a icon more than ever.
[Laughs.] That's always been a dream of mine since I was a kid

New Ciara Snippet "Supernatural"

Here is the new track from Ciara's upcoming album "Fantasy Ride". It's a snippet called "Supernatural". It's not bad, but it aint all that either. In my opinion, I think she needs to stick to what she is known for and that is dancing. She has nice vocals, but they aren't the best, and at most times her vocals don't sound at their best on slow jam tracks like this. But check it out tho. Still looking forward to what else she has in store.

New Teairra Mair "No No No"

After posting a new promo of Ms. Mari rocking former B2K member Lil Fizz's "Jean Addicts". The song is very Teairra, "GANGSTA". It's a male bashing track. Her vocals sound very more matured. I like it. It's hot. Good comeback Teairra.

No, No, No-Teairra Mari

Monday, April 21, 2008

Janet Picks New Single, WHY??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"After halting promotion for her latest LP 'Discipline' due to illness, Janet Jackson is set to release the next single
from the set 'Can't Be Good'. Unlike previous single LUV which was only released
to select formats on radio, 'Can't Be Good' has a tentative radio ad date of
June 9th - impacting all formats."


Okay, all that I am gonna say is, WHAT THE HELL??!! WHY???? What would make her think that this song is gonna do well on the charts?? It's clearly not. This is my most disliked song on the album. I can't really get into it, although it does do well with some of her fans. If Janet doesn't step it up, this album is gonna do worse than it already has been doing lately. It's hard to believe that it debuted at #1.

I love Janet, but I do not love this single, not one bit!! UGH!!!!! Whatever happened to Luv? I thought that was supposed to be a single. Already people are upset and confused at this single choice, and I am one of them. All I can do is shake my head.

This album doesn't need this torture.

Beyonce & Jay Z Spotted Again!!!

First of all I want to say, you do not what us Beyonce Stans went through to get this picture. Let me go ahead and get it out of the way first tho, Tress9 thanks for spotting the pic and letting us know about it, but you know you lose stan points for not saving it the first time. But thankies tho! Anyways, It was like hell and high water. Making up random blogs and and trying to hack into it and everything, but eventually, thanks to my girl Cheleny, we got the pic. She came through. Also I would like to say thanks to my new friends who took the pic! THANKX GUYS!!!!!

The pic looks great. They said that Beyonce declined taking a picture and her driver stated that it was because she didn't have on any makeup, which is a shame because Beyonce looks great without makeup on. Thanks for the pic. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years, that will be Bey and Jay with their own kid.

Pretty Ricky Picks New Member

Personally I think that they could have found a better replacement for the group. He doesn't fit in to me. He looks way to old and, hate to be rude, but he looks like he could leave them drugs alone for a while. Here is a video of their first performance together.

Personally, I do not think the group is gonna succeed without Pleasure. Being that he was the one who really made the group with his catchy hooks and smooth vocals. But I guess I'll see what they do.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well GOD LEE Omarion!!!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!

Omarion got dropped from his label. Damn, damn, damn....I was wondering when this was gonna happen. I mean he's cool and whatnot, but 21.....I have no comment. But thats what happened tho. Check out the story!!!

A source at the label confirmed to the BV Buzz that the Sony imprint decided to drop the former B2K lead singer.

Omarion (real name: Omari Ishmael Grandberry) signed as a solo artist to Columbia Records after B2K broke up in December 2003. His boy band was actually signed to Sony's Epic division.

The 23-year-old singer released two solo CDs for the record company, including 2005's 'O' and 2006's '21.' Both albums were certified gold.

In December of 2007, Omarion partnered with rapper Bow Wow on the CD, 'Face Off.' To date, the set has sold 341,137 units according to SoundScan.

No word on what the singer's plans are for life after Columbia Records.

My source speculated that if former Sony executive David McPherson fills the late Ronnie Johnson's job as Executive Vice President and head of Urban Music at Capitol Records, its likely Omarion could end up there. McPherson was influential in B2K's success at Epic.

Another option could be Motown Records.

Omarion's management and production company, The Ultimate Group (TUG) has a deal with that label and released Omarion's good friend and business partner Marques Houston's last two CDs through Motown.

Hope he finds another label or something. Umph, umph , umph....Oh well....

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Teairra Mari Resurfaces!!!

It's been a while since I last saw Teairra Mari. I think that the last time I saw her was when she did the tribute to Destiny's Child on an awards show. Then the next thing I know she's dropped from Roc-A-Fella, and Rihanna went to the top. Well apparantly she has resurfaced in an ad for Lil Fizz of B2K's jeans line "Jean Addicts".

Personally, I think that the picture is hot. It's great to see her again. In other Teairra news,

Word on the street says that Teairra Mari (the former Princess of the Roc)
not only has a new look, but a new sound and new label. This is all right after
rampant speculation on why Jigga let this chick go. I’m sure we will find out
soon enough as I’m told her new deal was just signed and the ink is still wet.
The deal is with industry powerhouse Cuda Love of Foreel Ent./Interscope–the
same guy responsible for Nelly’s success. Honestly she’s another one who needs
to go back to the drawing board and cop a modeling deal or something. But
whatev. Time will tell…

Thanks to my girl Ilknur from BwBoard for that news. Looking forward to it. I think Teairra is a great artist, and was very slept on with her debut.

Rumored Ashanti Album Cover And Other News!

This is rumored to be the cover artwork for Ashanti's upcoming "The Declaration" projec. I must say that it looks nice. Her legs are on fiyah!!! Things are really starting to look up for her this time around. I am happy for her. Her is some other news involving her.

You will be seeing a lot of her in may and june. New single coming in may, TwtIly is climbing the charts (it doesnt go for pop adds til like next week, dunno why they waiting so long). She will be doing the GMA summer concert June 6th. She is currently #53 on hot 100 and #8 on rnb/hip hop.

*Tracks Possibly On Cd:
•Switch-Feat. Nelly
•Here's My Number Babe Feat. Channel 7
•You Can't Deny It Feat. Jim Jones
•Good Good
•The Way That I Love U
•Go Deep Feat. Robin Thicke

Thanks to Aries from BWBoard for the news. I am looking extremely forward to this new album.

Tiffany Evans Album Review

Out of nowhere this Tiffany Evans album appeared. I had no idea that it was scheduled to drop so soon. Looks like someone's label is not up on their promo game, and after listening to the album, they really need to get on the ball or otherwise this will go on to be one of the many wonders that go unnoticed.

Tiffany Evans shines on her debut album. It's amazing that this material was decked out by a girl who is only 15 years old. It's hard to believe that back in 2005, Tiffany was a mere 12 years old starring in the Tyler Perry smash "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and doing various music videos for Disney. MTV also did a news special on her stating that she was one of the great artists to look out for. Seems like they knew exactly what they were talking about. To start off the album which has 11 tracks, Tiffany calls on the help of Ciara for the "puppy love" smash "Promise Ring". While some underrage girls may be out doing more raunchier things with their guys, instead of "rocking their promise rings", Tiffany remains in her age range and show's Ciara up vocally on the school kid, 90's sounding track. On her first televised performance, she even stole a couple of Ciara's dance moves and nailed her vocals perfectly. To say that Ciara is her role model, doesn't it seem like she may be able to teach her a thing or two? To keep the party rolling, Tiffany totally switches things up and get's Bow Wow to back her while she makes it known that "I'm Grown". It's hard to believe that you can go from promise rings to being "grown" so quickly. But the thing is, even when she's only 15, she manages to get you to believe that she actually is grown. Maybe its her mature voice? Maybe it's just the swagger that she carries. She delivers her vocals like a pro who's been in the game longer than her 15 years on earth. But she should be careful, that sort of thing can harm a youngsters longevity in the music biz. Then there's the kiss off to haters everywhere "Impossible". Tiffany commands them all to "doubt me, I want you to" while she "can't stop, wont stop". The beat sounds like she's ready to go to war, and from the emotion in her voice, she sounds like she's ready for the fight, and ready to win. Tiffany shows that she may one day be up there along with the greats like Mariah, and Whitney one day, throughout this album. On certain songs, such as "Can't Walk Away" and "About A Boy", & "Favorite Broken Heart" she takes the teenage love affair route. But she's only 15, what can she know about love? And on most of the 'love' songs she sings about having a broken heart, like on "About A Boy" when she says, "this one's about a boy, I used to love, no happy endings". Can a broken heart so young leave so much to sing about? Then on "Lay Back And Chill" Tiff tells all the fellows what they have to be to get with her. The title says it all. Though the bulk of the album is surprisingly splendid, there are times when Tiff leaves you confused, such as in the intro to The Clutch produced "Girl Gone Wild". Tiffany tells a group of friends that a girl from school looks like Mrs. Tingle from second period, needs to take a few hints from her, and needs to show a little leg or something. Then in the song she sings about another girl going wild. Hmmmm....could this song very well be directed towards herself? Could Tiffany be the "private school girl with your skirt rolled up, showin' off what you aint even got yet?" Two tracks where Tiffany excels extemely are "Thinkin' About" and the gospel tinged "Angels On Earth". 'Thinkin About' finds Tiffany channeling one of her old school faves she may have heard her mother listening to while cleaning the house. Listening to the track, Tiffany's voice sounds a little different from the rest of the songs on the album. She sounds a little younger and a little less developed. Maybe this is a song she recorded when she was younger? But nevertheless, she shows up and shows out. She even showcases a hint of that rare "whistle range" that Mariah Carey is known for. In "Angels On Earth" Tiffany takes it to church, while backed by a gospel choir, she sings of how when you least expect, an angel shows up and help you out when you need it. In the song Tiff holds a note for a whopping 23 seconds and sounds great while doing it. She definitely is a force to be reckoned with. Great dancing ability and a outstanding voice, when she hits 18, she may be ready to give Beyonce, Christina, and Mariah a run for their money. Until then, Jojo and Miley Cyrus better watch out.

Recommend: "Promise Ring", "I'm Grown", "Impossible", "Thinking About", "Lay Back And Chill"

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Aubrey, WTF??!!!

When I saw this picture, all I could say was "WTF!!!!!!!!" I mean, when I started watching the recent season of Making The Band, I would constantly think to myself that Aubrey was looking hella different. I wanted to say that she had work done, but I couldn't never confirm it. But this pic confirms everything for me. Looks like she had her lips done, I know for a fact she got a boob job, and her cheeks look a little touched up as well. All I can do is shake my head.....

Who Sung It Better??!

This is my first edition of "Who Sung It Better". I don't know when the next one is gonna be, so don't be looking forward to them regularly. This was just one that I stumbled on. LOL. It's between Cassie and a singer by the name of Karina Pasian.

So they have both recorded the track "Official Girl", only Cassie's is the one that is getting used. Personally I think that they both did a good job. They both sound as if they would do well. Although Karina does have the better vocals, Cassie's has a more pop mainstream feel. I am not really sure which I choose. But what do you think?? Check em out and let me know who you think who had the better version.

"Official Girl"-Cassie
"Official Girl"-Karina Pasian

Britney Spears Back In The Studio

Britney Spears has apparently decided her body wasn't the only thing in need of a little fine-tuning.
E! News has confirmed that the "Gimme More" singer is taking voice lessons and has spent the last two days in a Burbank, Calif., recording studio to work on getting her voice back into fighting shape.
Spears, whose 2008 didn't exactly get off on the right foot, careerwise, is not working on anything official, a source close to the 26-year-old comeback kid told E! News, but instead is just looking to enjoy herself right now.
"She's doing it just for fun," the source said. "She's just sitting at the piano, singing a little. She's just in there to have some fun. It may lead to something down the road, but right now this is just part of her staying on the right track."
Spears is also said to be spending time under the tutelage of voice coach Ron Anderson, who, according to his professional website, has worked with the likes of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis, Chris Daughtry,
Avril Lavigne, Björk, Paris Hilton, Paula Abdul, Pink, Shania Twain, Usher and Tori Amos,
among others.
Blackout, Spears' fifth studio album and her first in four years, was released in October and sold 290,000 copies its first week out of the gate to land at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, the first time one of her studio efforts didn't debut at No. 1.

-E! News

I am really happy about her getting back to work and getting on the right track. I am hoping that "Blackout" gets a rerelease or something, because I think it was her best work to date, and I believe that the album is very underrated and didn't get the attention that it deserved because of the other issues that were going on in her life. So hopefully this is the rebirth of "Blackout". Hopefully!!

Cassie On "Official Girl" Set

Here are a couple of pictures of Cassie on the set of her new video "Official Girl". I must say, she is looknig great as always. I can't wait to see what this video looks like, being that I am really feeling the song.

David Beckham Gettin His Peek On!

I find this funny. Maybe since he lives at home with a toothpick (LOVE YA POSH!!!), he get's his peek on, on every thick booty he sees. LOL!!

Ashanti Makes Another Top 10 Hit!

"Ashanti Finds 'Way' Back To Top 10"
By Silvio Pietroluongo

Ashanti returns to the Urban top 10 for the first time in more than three
years, as “The Way That I Love You” (Universal Motown) vaults 14-8. The
27-year-old last ranked in the top 10 with the No. 10-peaking “Only U” in
January 2005. “Way” becomes Ashanti’s 14th top 10, extending her mark for most
top 10 songs by a female this decade. Beyonce, Ciara and Mary J. Blige share
second place with 10 apiece. Among all artists, Ludacris leads with 20 in that
span. Ashanti’s fourth studio album, “The Declaration,” is due June 3.

Copyright © 2008 The Nielsen Company. All rights reserved

I am happy for her. I think this comes at a good time. She hasn't really been having the success as she has had with her first two albums, so I am really happy for her. And the song is amazing just as the video. Hopefully things will go well for her this time. I didn't know that she had so many top 10 hits.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Michelle Williams "Hello Heartbreak" (Snippet)

Another new Michelle Williams track has surfaced called, "Hello Heartbreak". I must say that I love it. I've said it before. Michelle is really doing it up this time around with this "Unexpected" project. New look, new sound. I can't wait to see what else she is gonna dish out. She is set to shoot a video for her single, "We Break The Dawn" around the 25th of this month.
But the song is hot. It's a dance track as well. Reminiscent of some of Timbaland's recent productions. It's hot tho. She sounds great. Seems like she has been doing some vocal work as well.
I really think that Michelle has the potential to be a smash with this album, but also, part of me thinks that this maybe one of the great albums that get sleeped on. Hopefully not. Check out the snippet!

Beyonce Going 2 Retire?!!

The New York Daily News claims that Beyonce may well be retiring soon. Here is what was printed.

"The diva is currently working on a new album, but her cousin Angelica Knowles tells our source that it will be her last. Instead, Beyonce plans to spend her days scouting talent for new hubby Jay-Z's upcoming label, The Carter Music Group. Beyonce's first protege is rumored to be an R&B artist named Chelsea Thomas. Her reps couldn't be reached for comment."

Hopefully this is not true!! Actually it better not be true!!! The music industry needs Beyonce. Without her, OMG!!! What is going to happen. No more great music and performances. Beyonce definitely brings it everytime with her stage shows and albums. I will be highly upset if this is true. Hopefully it is just a rumor though. I am praying that it is. With 2 movies in the works and an upcoming album, I find it hard to believe that she is going to retire soon.

TLC "3D" Review

Last week I had the chance to listen to TLC's "3D" album. I immediately jumped at the chance to take a listen, because this album is extremely hard to find in stores these days. I am not sure if it is still on shelves. Upon listening to I was extremely surprised. It shocked me of how good an album it was. Maybe because of the lackluster solo material that group member Chilli, has been putting out ("Dumb, Dumb, Dumb", "Gliding", "Straight Jackin' Em"). The album starts out with the 3D intro. It talks about the 3 different dimensions of TLC in a brief computerized explanation. 3 personalities, 3 desires, 3 girls. Then in comes TBoz. It's nice to hear her voice again. The chorus talks about their friendship or their relationship with their fans. "I'll never let you forget me, you know I'm the best friend you've ever seen". It sounds good to hear them together again.
Then they flow into a dimension that they are known best for, MALE BASHING! "Quickie" The school lesson track, which could be directed to other up and coming female groups or others in the game (Destiny's Child, Danity Kane, Pussycat Dolls, Cherish, etc.), talks about getting with a guy who is very intriguing, but when it's time to get down, his sexual performance is not up to par. Left Eye throws in her two cents, "you need some ginseng for yo ping we can do it!" and kicks a beautiful lyrically extravagant flow. Following "Quickie" is the anything you can do, I can do better anthem, "Girl Talk". It could very well be the second chapter of Quickie". They pick up where the previous track left off. They sing about how if a guy is not doing what he's supposed to be doing in bed, he best believe that he is going to get talked about. With lyrics like, "girls talk about the booty too, the way a brotha is hanging too", they are basically saying, just like men talk about their sexual escapades, women can do it too, and when they do it, they are not gonna like it. Chilli confirms that by saying, "put in work, if you don't want the girl to talk, and you don't want your feelings hurt..".
Throughout the album they continue on in their trademark men-dissing ways through songs such as, "Hands Up" in which they decided to hit up the club and when they get their to their surprise they find their man creeping. It's a tell him off track in which they sing, "you had hoochies everywhere, all on you, it's like I almost didn't know you, tryna shake that ass playa, you don't even dance, whats up with you.." Then there is "So, So, Dumb", "Hey, Hey, Hey" and "Over Me". The tracks surely
Although the girls seem at their best when dissing the men, they do stop and take the time to show that even though they give them a hard time, they still got love for them. They show that in the Neptunes produced "In Your Arms" in which they sing, "I just wanna have a good time, in your arms tonight..". Chilli sings "let's ride tonight and forget what we've ever known.." Forget what, the quickie? The girl talk? Even when showing love to the guys, T-Boz manages to slip in what could be a kick below the groin by saying, "let's take this moment slow, cause we don't know how long we gon live.." Maybe she was hinting at him not being up to par?
This album also marks another turning point in the girls' career. Not only is it their third album, but their last album as a threesome. During the making of this album, they suffered a traumatic loss. The death of member and friend and MC of the group, Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopez. You can feel an absense of her from the album. She's probably on about 4 tracks if that many? And the tracks that she does bless with her flow, they are short and abrupt. They leave you wanting more of her, but she does them in the way that only Left-Eye could do them. Classic.
They showcase their vulnerability and sadness in tracks such as the heart-broken "Damaged" which is one of the albums highlights, and "Turntable" in which they sing about how everything could be one way at one point in time and before you know it, the tables can turn and you don't know what could happen next, in which they were probably referring to the death of their friend.
Throughout all the male-dogging and the heartbreak, they do find time to have a good time in the party track "Dirty, Dirty" in which they show love to their hometown, ATL and their friend Left-Eye in which they give her a moment of silence, and breaks it down, how she would have wanted them too.
The album is classic and timeless. It's them passing the torch to someone else, in this case maybe to Destiny's Child, who two years later took the world by storm with their "Destiny Fulfilled". They went out in style and the best way they knew how, on top!

My Top 10 Music Choices

Lately alot of music has been dropping. Some good and some bad. And then there are some oldies also that are stuck in my mind. So my top 10 for right now is:

1. "Official Girl-Cassie
2. "Until The End Of The World"-Michelle Williams
3. "4 Minutes To Save The World"-Madonna (Feat. Justin Timberlake)
4. "Cruise Control"-Mariah Carey
5. "Forever"-Chris Brown (I am really starting to feel this one. It's growing on me)
6. "We Break The Dawn"-Michelle Williams
7. "Quickie"-TLC
8. "Freakshow"-Britney Spears
9. "Can't Get Enough Of You"-Wayne
10. "I Stay In Love"-Mariah Carey

Khia On Miss Rap Supreme

Monday Night, VH1 premiered it's newest Reality Show, "Ego Trips, Miss Rap Supreme". I was extremely excited about this one because I was a fan of their "White Rapper Show". It's something different. Now Miss Rap Supreme finds themselves looking for the newest hot, female MC, being that the rap game is lacking them right now. The show was pretty nice. There's a host of promising contestants to be crowned Miss Rap Supreme.

Now one contestant that was a shock was Khia! When I found out that she was on the show I was like OMG. It's definitely gonna make great tv though. Personally, I don't know her motives of being on the show, being that she already has an established rap career. Some people make look at her as a one hit wonder ("My Neck, My Back", 2002), but I don't know. I am a fan of hers. I think that her music is hella funny and catchy. She's nice, and plus she's from Tampa, so I gotta rep my girl.

Anyways, her appearance on the first episode was cool. She argued, she cried, she looked a hot mess at times with her outfit choices, she showed how ghetto she was (which I loved) and she was cocky. She was however in the team that did not win the challenge. The team was assigned a new challenge to go into the makeup room and write 16 bars about respect for women in the rap game. Khia came back out and spit her's which didn't really sound like 16 bars, but like a nice hook. It went, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T-M-E, You betta respect me." She also directed it to other contestant, Ms. Cherry, who was on the winning team. The two had gotten into an argument earlier. Ms. Cherry called Khia a "one-hit wonder". I immediately thought that she wasn't going to win that challenge. Celebrity judge, female MC, Yo-Yo, did not like the fact that Khia directed her anger towards Ms. Cherry during her rap when the rap was supposed to be about respect for females, and MC Serch did not like the fact that her rap was more hook-like instead of 16 bars. However, he did like her flow and stage presence.

Khia ended up in the bottom two, which was funny because of how she kept tellng the camera "I know I aint goin home" She didn't get sent home tho, but she was warned, if she kicked another flow like that, she was outta there. Another thing that was funny was that I told my sister about the rap that she spit, and my sister was like, that's on her album. It then clicked that, Khia cheated. The rules were, they couldn't use anything that they have already written, and I did notice that while she was spitting that flow, Ms. Cherry was looking at her like she knew something fishy was going on. So I guess I gotta see what happens next.

Maybe this is just a publicity stunt on Khia's part to help promote her new album "Nasty Muzik" which is in stores on July. I don't know. If it is, it was a good one. Lately she has been on what seems like a promo trail, from dissing Trina to the fullest, and Janet. I don't think she needs the show for promo because she is doing well on her own, but if it works, oh well. Do you!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Banner!!!

Lovin' the new banner that was made by a friend of mines named Matt!! It makes the blog look a whole lot better!! Thanks Matt!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ciara Get's Ready To Release "Fantasy Ride"

Ciara recently invited MTV into an ATL studio to preview her third studio album with a working title called "Fantasy Ride"

Her first single is slated to be "High Price" which features Ludacris. They say that the single has a strong "CRUNK" vibe.<

Personally, I know that Ciara and Crunk mix like peanut butter and jelly, but I think she really needs to try something new. Her "Evolution" album was good. She didn't really have any crunk on there, and it was aight. So I think she should try something new. She want's to be different and bring something new to the music industry right? So then do it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Beyonce Rock's Wedding ROC at Jay Z Show

Hell, since everyone else is going crazy about it, I might as well post about it as well.

"Beyoncé happily flashed a whopping hunk of diamond on her left-hand ring
finger Tuesday night at her new husband's concert with Mary J. Blige at
Atlanta's Phillips Arena. Wearing a short black dress and big hoop earrings, the
newlywed singer" sat in a VIP area with buddy Usher. The two leapt to their feet
to groove hard when Jay-Z launched into his hit "PSA," with its lyrics, "I got
the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain." Usher threw up the diamond Roc
sign, while Beyoncé showed off a telltale diamond rock of her own and waved her
arms to the beat. During the show, Beyoncé also relaxed backstage on a plush red
couch, sporting shades and singing along to Blige’s songs as Jay-Z made last
minute costume changes. On Monday night, Jay-Z celebrated without his wife – or
a wedding ring – at his 40/40 club in Manhattan, where he cheered for Memphis
during the NCAA men’s basketball championship game with friends like rapper Tru
Life. An unlit cigar dangling from his mouth, Jay-Z was in a really good mood as
he snacked on spicy French fries and coyly evaded wedding questions. "I don't
know what you’re talking about!" he said with a laugh when congratulated by


My Mariah Carey "E=MC^2" Review

Mariah returns to the scene with E=MC^2, the follow up to her chart-topping smash, "The Emancipation of Mimi". While this album is by no means, "Emanicpation", it holds it's own as one of Mariah's better albums. The 14 track equation kicks off with the T-Pain laced "Migrate". What??!! A T-Pain & Mariah collabo? Who would have thought?! But the concoction works. Mariah sings about calling up Ray Ray, May May, and Chante' so that they can all 'trade it as a holiday, cause they know she had to Migrate'. Another collabo that stands out is "Cruise Control" which features Damien Marley. Mariah's vocals flow smoothly over the breezy mid-tempo. The album hosts many potential singles. It seems as if Mariah found a niche that worked for this album and stuck with it. Get a catchy hook that will have everyone singing along, and a beat to have them moving. So far it has garnered her, her 18th #1 single with "Touch My Body", which is very catchy. The song finds Mariah saying, "if it's a camera up in here, then it's leaving with me when I'm through". Althought different from the typical Mariah track, she sounds like it's been her forte' to sing lyrics that aren't top notch material. The latter of the album is very reminiscent of "Touch My Body's" formula, catchy hooks, banging beats, and full of Mariah's "urban" swagger, which seems to be on steriods throughout this album. Such as in "Side Effects" in which Young Jeezy makes a cameo appearance. Although the lyrics throught this album may not be up to par, considering the past material Mariah has dealt out, she still delivers the vocals in ways only MC can. No matter what people may think about Mariah this time around, this album is hands down and undeniably a hit!

Stacy Dash Covers KING

Stacy Dash is on the cover of KING magazine and must I say she is looking TOOOOOOOOO DAMN GOOD. She really looks good for her age. She's 42. This is a good look for her. I wonder when she is gonna do more movies. She must have some new material coming up if she is doing promo with KING.
Good Look Stace...

Diddy Speaks About Cassie's New Album

Diddy spoke to Billboard about Cassie's new album. It has no title yet, and no official release date.

"That's going to really, really catch people off guard," he says. "There's
a huge [cry] out there for a younger Britney Spears, a younger Janet Jackson.
Those two great artists have paved the way. She has a single out called
'Official Girl' and Danja produced it, and it is a smash.Cassie released her
self-titled debut in 2006, which went on to sell 321,000 copies in the United
States, according to Nielsen Soundscan. Single "Me & U" peaked at No. 1 on
Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and No. 3 on the Hot 100. It has
also sold more than 1 million digital downloads.Diddy says Cassie has grown
significantly since the debut; at one point during the promo cycle for the album, the pair used
viral video to apologize for her poor performance on a radio show."I just don't
think she was ready," Diddy says. "I think that we threw her into the spotlight
without the artist development -- that goes on with a lot of new artists. We
pulled out, we took our time, we developed her for like, a year-and-a-half.
People are just going to see her there and be like, 'Wow, she's really cocooned
into a butterfly.'"Although the track list isn't finalized, Cassie told
Billboard earlier this year she'd worked with mentor Ryan Leslie, Seven, Mario
Winans, Bryan Michael Cox, Eric Hudson, Sean C and LV on the project.

Personally, I think that Cassie's first album was a solid attempt. It was nice. It had some hot tracks on there. Althought her voice is not the best, it isn't the worse. I am anticipating this album. Upon hearing the song "Thirsty" I was impressed. It was a hot track. So I am rooting for her.

The Game Covers XXL

The Game is on the cover of the June issue of XXL magazine. He is set to release his 3rd studio album entitled, "LAX" this coming June. Can't wait. He needs to throw a Wayne cameo on that piece and then it will be hot, hot, hot!!!!