Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Mariah Carey "E=MC^2" Review

Mariah returns to the scene with E=MC^2, the follow up to her chart-topping smash, "The Emancipation of Mimi". While this album is by no means, "Emanicpation", it holds it's own as one of Mariah's better albums. The 14 track equation kicks off with the T-Pain laced "Migrate". What??!! A T-Pain & Mariah collabo? Who would have thought?! But the concoction works. Mariah sings about calling up Ray Ray, May May, and Chante' so that they can all 'trade it as a holiday, cause they know she had to Migrate'. Another collabo that stands out is "Cruise Control" which features Damien Marley. Mariah's vocals flow smoothly over the breezy mid-tempo. The album hosts many potential singles. It seems as if Mariah found a niche that worked for this album and stuck with it. Get a catchy hook that will have everyone singing along, and a beat to have them moving. So far it has garnered her, her 18th #1 single with "Touch My Body", which is very catchy. The song finds Mariah saying, "if it's a camera up in here, then it's leaving with me when I'm through". Althought different from the typical Mariah track, she sounds like it's been her forte' to sing lyrics that aren't top notch material. The latter of the album is very reminiscent of "Touch My Body's" formula, catchy hooks, banging beats, and full of Mariah's "urban" swagger, which seems to be on steriods throughout this album. Such as in "Side Effects" in which Young Jeezy makes a cameo appearance. Although the lyrics throught this album may not be up to par, considering the past material Mariah has dealt out, she still delivers the vocals in ways only MC can. No matter what people may think about Mariah this time around, this album is hands down and undeniably a hit!