Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Madonna "Hard Candy" Album Review

Here is my review for Madonna's new album "Hard Candy". First off though I want to say that, I know that she doesn't have the best voice in the world, but I love her tone, and I love the way she sounds. I have never been a big Madonna fan, you know the one to go out and buy all of her albums, but I really liked this one.

With "Hard Candy" Madonna gives you a sugar rush so sweet, it'll leave you on high for days. As she takes you on a journey through her 12 track candy factory, she makes you want to "get up outta yo seat" as she calls out in the album opener and banger, "Candy Shop". Even tho Madonna may be pushing 50 she shows that she still has it as she sings that her candy is "raw, sticky and sweet" as she says it's so "good you'll be beggin' for more". If she had one thing in mind while recording this album, it's that she wanted to dance. The 12 Timbaland and Neptunes produced tracks are full of "club bangers" and potential singles. There's the band backed "4 Minutes" produced by Tim which features Justin Timberlake. While singing about only having 4 minutes to save the world from what ever problem, Madonna seems laid back and cool, relaxed. Nothing to worry about. Madonna keeps it on the dancefloor as the album pounds on. Then there's her ode to 'long distance love' in "Miles Away", in which Madonna tells her lover that "you always love me more, when you're miles away". She makes "so far away" love so pleasing. If you never thought long distance relationships would work, Madonna showcases that even though it's not her forte, it does work. Then there's her shout out to all her wannabe's and mini me's, "She's Not Me" where she sings, "she started reading my books and stealing my looks and lingerie". Maybe they aren't doing it right? She sings that even though they may be imitating, they will never duplicate, and there will never be another Madonna. "Incredible" pays homage to having "one of those days" and "life being great". Madonna flows on the Neptune's track and makes it her own with her signature sound. You many not think she has the best voice, but it's no doubt that she knows how to use what she has and use it well. Janet contines to get her groove on and back, (if she ever lost it) with "Beat Goes On" in which she calls on Kanye West to drop a quick 16. The bar's are not Kanye's best ever, but he does give Madonna a little to add to her mix. "Spanish Lessons" finds Madonna speaking spanish. It's a good track, but it doesn't have that factor. One of the standout tracks on the album would be "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You", where Madonna let's her lover know the deal. She says that even though the devil wouldn't recognize the games that he''s playing, she does and she knows whats going on. She sings "It's like over and over you keep pushing me back down to the floor", but yet she still keeps coming back for more. Justin Timberlake then comes back in for the third time, of four, for a nice breakdown filled with choir-like "oh's". Madonna's addicted, she's intoxicated. She can't let go. The album is really good. Something to dance too. Madonna show's that she can still hang. Although some tracks go on way to long than they should, it's still a great album for any Madonna fan to add to their collection. So get ready to take a bite, but be careful, it's "raw, sticky and sweet". Oh yeah, and "HARD".

Recommend: "Candy Shop" "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You" "Heartbeat" "Miles Away" "Incredible" "4 Minutes" "She's Not Me"