Thursday, April 17, 2008

Who Sung It Better??!

This is my first edition of "Who Sung It Better". I don't know when the next one is gonna be, so don't be looking forward to them regularly. This was just one that I stumbled on. LOL. It's between Cassie and a singer by the name of Karina Pasian.

So they have both recorded the track "Official Girl", only Cassie's is the one that is getting used. Personally I think that they both did a good job. They both sound as if they would do well. Although Karina does have the better vocals, Cassie's has a more pop mainstream feel. I am not really sure which I choose. But what do you think?? Check em out and let me know who you think who had the better version.

"Official Girl"-Cassie
"Official Girl"-Karina Pasian