Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tiffany Evans Album Review

Out of nowhere this Tiffany Evans album appeared. I had no idea that it was scheduled to drop so soon. Looks like someone's label is not up on their promo game, and after listening to the album, they really need to get on the ball or otherwise this will go on to be one of the many wonders that go unnoticed.

Tiffany Evans shines on her debut album. It's amazing that this material was decked out by a girl who is only 15 years old. It's hard to believe that back in 2005, Tiffany was a mere 12 years old starring in the Tyler Perry smash "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and doing various music videos for Disney. MTV also did a news special on her stating that she was one of the great artists to look out for. Seems like they knew exactly what they were talking about. To start off the album which has 11 tracks, Tiffany calls on the help of Ciara for the "puppy love" smash "Promise Ring". While some underrage girls may be out doing more raunchier things with their guys, instead of "rocking their promise rings", Tiffany remains in her age range and show's Ciara up vocally on the school kid, 90's sounding track. On her first televised performance, she even stole a couple of Ciara's dance moves and nailed her vocals perfectly. To say that Ciara is her role model, doesn't it seem like she may be able to teach her a thing or two? To keep the party rolling, Tiffany totally switches things up and get's Bow Wow to back her while she makes it known that "I'm Grown". It's hard to believe that you can go from promise rings to being "grown" so quickly. But the thing is, even when she's only 15, she manages to get you to believe that she actually is grown. Maybe its her mature voice? Maybe it's just the swagger that she carries. She delivers her vocals like a pro who's been in the game longer than her 15 years on earth. But she should be careful, that sort of thing can harm a youngsters longevity in the music biz. Then there's the kiss off to haters everywhere "Impossible". Tiffany commands them all to "doubt me, I want you to" while she "can't stop, wont stop". The beat sounds like she's ready to go to war, and from the emotion in her voice, she sounds like she's ready for the fight, and ready to win. Tiffany shows that she may one day be up there along with the greats like Mariah, and Whitney one day, throughout this album. On certain songs, such as "Can't Walk Away" and "About A Boy", & "Favorite Broken Heart" she takes the teenage love affair route. But she's only 15, what can she know about love? And on most of the 'love' songs she sings about having a broken heart, like on "About A Boy" when she says, "this one's about a boy, I used to love, no happy endings". Can a broken heart so young leave so much to sing about? Then on "Lay Back And Chill" Tiff tells all the fellows what they have to be to get with her. The title says it all. Though the bulk of the album is surprisingly splendid, there are times when Tiff leaves you confused, such as in the intro to The Clutch produced "Girl Gone Wild". Tiffany tells a group of friends that a girl from school looks like Mrs. Tingle from second period, needs to take a few hints from her, and needs to show a little leg or something. Then in the song she sings about another girl going wild. Hmmmm....could this song very well be directed towards herself? Could Tiffany be the "private school girl with your skirt rolled up, showin' off what you aint even got yet?" Two tracks where Tiffany excels extemely are "Thinkin' About" and the gospel tinged "Angels On Earth". 'Thinkin About' finds Tiffany channeling one of her old school faves she may have heard her mother listening to while cleaning the house. Listening to the track, Tiffany's voice sounds a little different from the rest of the songs on the album. She sounds a little younger and a little less developed. Maybe this is a song she recorded when she was younger? But nevertheless, she shows up and shows out. She even showcases a hint of that rare "whistle range" that Mariah Carey is known for. In "Angels On Earth" Tiffany takes it to church, while backed by a gospel choir, she sings of how when you least expect, an angel shows up and help you out when you need it. In the song Tiff holds a note for a whopping 23 seconds and sounds great while doing it. She definitely is a force to be reckoned with. Great dancing ability and a outstanding voice, when she hits 18, she may be ready to give Beyonce, Christina, and Mariah a run for their money. Until then, Jojo and Miley Cyrus better watch out.

Recommend: "Promise Ring", "I'm Grown", "Impossible", "Thinking About", "Lay Back And Chill"