Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Khia On Miss Rap Supreme

Monday Night, VH1 premiered it's newest Reality Show, "Ego Trips, Miss Rap Supreme". I was extremely excited about this one because I was a fan of their "White Rapper Show". It's something different. Now Miss Rap Supreme finds themselves looking for the newest hot, female MC, being that the rap game is lacking them right now. The show was pretty nice. There's a host of promising contestants to be crowned Miss Rap Supreme.

Now one contestant that was a shock was Khia! When I found out that she was on the show I was like OMG. It's definitely gonna make great tv though. Personally, I don't know her motives of being on the show, being that she already has an established rap career. Some people make look at her as a one hit wonder ("My Neck, My Back", 2002), but I don't know. I am a fan of hers. I think that her music is hella funny and catchy. She's nice, and plus she's from Tampa, so I gotta rep my girl.

Anyways, her appearance on the first episode was cool. She argued, she cried, she looked a hot mess at times with her outfit choices, she showed how ghetto she was (which I loved) and she was cocky. She was however in the team that did not win the challenge. The team was assigned a new challenge to go into the makeup room and write 16 bars about respect for women in the rap game. Khia came back out and spit her's which didn't really sound like 16 bars, but like a nice hook. It went, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T-M-E, You betta respect me." She also directed it to other contestant, Ms. Cherry, who was on the winning team. The two had gotten into an argument earlier. Ms. Cherry called Khia a "one-hit wonder". I immediately thought that she wasn't going to win that challenge. Celebrity judge, female MC, Yo-Yo, did not like the fact that Khia directed her anger towards Ms. Cherry during her rap when the rap was supposed to be about respect for females, and MC Serch did not like the fact that her rap was more hook-like instead of 16 bars. However, he did like her flow and stage presence.

Khia ended up in the bottom two, which was funny because of how she kept tellng the camera "I know I aint goin home" She didn't get sent home tho, but she was warned, if she kicked another flow like that, she was outta there. Another thing that was funny was that I told my sister about the rap that she spit, and my sister was like, that's on her album. It then clicked that, Khia cheated. The rules were, they couldn't use anything that they have already written, and I did notice that while she was spitting that flow, Ms. Cherry was looking at her like she knew something fishy was going on. So I guess I gotta see what happens next.

Maybe this is just a publicity stunt on Khia's part to help promote her new album "Nasty Muzik" which is in stores on July. I don't know. If it is, it was a good one. Lately she has been on what seems like a promo trail, from dissing Trina to the fullest, and Janet. I don't think she needs the show for promo because she is doing well on her own, but if it works, oh well. Do you!