Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Beyonce Going 2 Retire?!!

The New York Daily News claims that Beyonce may well be retiring soon. Here is what was printed.

"The diva is currently working on a new album, but her cousin Angelica Knowles tells our source that it will be her last. Instead, Beyonce plans to spend her days scouting talent for new hubby Jay-Z's upcoming label, The Carter Music Group. Beyonce's first protege is rumored to be an R&B artist named Chelsea Thomas. Her reps couldn't be reached for comment."

Hopefully this is not true!! Actually it better not be true!!! The music industry needs Beyonce. Without her, OMG!!! What is going to happen. No more great music and performances. Beyonce definitely brings it everytime with her stage shows and albums. I will be highly upset if this is true. Hopefully it is just a rumor though. I am praying that it is. With 2 movies in the works and an upcoming album, I find it hard to believe that she is going to retire soon.