Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lady Gaga "The Fame Monster" Album Review

Lady Gaga is back with with her 8 track album, "The Fame Monster". For her sophomore effort Gaga, steered away from the concoction that made "The Fame" a worldwide sensation. The songs are more deep and in depth, and deal with subjects from self-esteem, to toxic relationships.

The album starts off with the ritzy "Bad Romance" which has the world going in a frenzy with it's super creative and edgy video. It's a "flaws and all" type track on speed and heroin. "I want your ugly..I want your disease.." she sings. The song sounds like it could have been ripped out of the 80's pop and soft rock scene, along with it's predecessor "Dance In The Dark". Gaga flips the script on this track and strays away from anything that you've ever known her for. It tells the story of any young girl who's ever been put down by a family member, or a boyfriend, and made to feel as if they weren't pretty. The ones who behind the locked doors of their bedrooms, sing, and dance as if no one is watching. "Baby loves to dance in the dark, cause when he's looking she falls apart"

Gaga shines lyrically throughout this album and shows she can do all types of music. On "Speechless" which is an ode to her father, she tries her hand in a little bit of country. The lyrics are beautiful, and Gaga's unique voice flows across the beat effortlessly in only a way that she can. In "Monster" she really shows how talented she is, and it's reminiscent of what made her who she is today. "He licked his lips, and said to me, girl you look good, good enough to eat.." she sings. About falling in love with a guy who "ate my heart".

She teams up with Beyonce in "Telephone" for an awesome dance/club track. "Stop calling, stop calling, I dont wanna talk anymore, I left my hand and my heart on the dance floor..." she sings.. Sort of like the pop version of Destiny's Child's "Bug-A-Boo". Beyonce's verse sounds reminiscent of her vocal stylings with the girls from "The Writings On The Wall"

The album is great. And will be able to stand on it's on considering it's 8 tracks. Gaga did it again.. And has shown that she has found her place in the music world, and she's here to stay.


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You can get the album here :)