Friday, October 30, 2009

Me and Pro Active are Dating... :/

I can't believe I am doing a post on this BS.

Anyhoo. I met Pro Active at the mall today.
She said I could have her for a price.. I needed her bad.
So I paid to play..

I am now joing Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Serena Williams, and Alicia Keys, and oh yeah
that skateboard dude, in the Pro Active Hoe train. :/

I am sooo sick of walking thru the school halls with my head held low.
It's soo embarrassing and it reall does lower your self esteem.
I have never felt this low in my lifetime.
So I had to do something about it, cause I aint the one to be hiding under no damn rock.
ya digg?

But anyways, I started the process today. And I'll be documenting it with pics and video
until I get some results. I hope it works because I heard bad reviews about this product.
So we shall see!! :)

Day 1:

Let's hope my ass starts looking better by next week!!