Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lola..JLo..Jenny From The Block??!

Call her whatever you want to call her..
I love it either way..

But anyhoo, gul is coming out with a new album next year
and it's titled....


Cute title. Anways, her lilttle buzz single is
"Fresh Out The Oven" Feat. Pitt Bull.
Honestly, I aint like it when I first heard it. I was like no way hosea.
Then when I heard it wasn't gonna be on the album, I kinda loosened up my buttons a lil bit.
But then I started getting into the song more and more and more and more, until I liked it!
It's sexy. The video should be dropping soon.. Some ppl already got a chance to check it out at club LIV not to long ago. Here's some low ass boo ghetto ass quality videos
that someone posted to Youtube. And to whoever posted them junks, I am very very
appreciative. No shade to your low quality ass ish! ha ha!!

Check em out!!

Alsooo.. Miss Lola, should be dropping her 1st single from
the album soon, and it's called "Louboutins"
or however you spell that popular ass shoe. LMAO.
It's produced by Tricky Stewart & The Dream, and hopefully
it's haaaawt as hell, cause I love JLo...
New "Single Ladies" maybe??
LMAOO!! Who knowss...
I sure as hell don't!!