Thursday, May 7, 2009

Electrik Red 106 & Park Domination PPL!!!

Get into it people!! We are taking over the 106 & Park countdown!! You hear me??! Yesterday "So Good" (Remix) made it's return to the countdown at #7, and we are anxious to see where it lands today. I know I voted my ass off last night. And I did alot of voting today. And alot of the other fans stayed up voting like hell as well! These girls have some very dedicated fans and they appreciate it very much!! That is what makes us continue to work hard to get them where they belong to be! #1!! When that day comes I swear I am gonna be just as happy as I know they will be. S0 everyone, lend a helping hang and take the timeout to vote for the girls! We all would very much appreciate it, and besides, we need to get some of that lame shit off the countdown anyways. Music is making a comeback, and we can start with Electrik Red! WORLDWIDE DOMINATION!!!!