Thursday, May 7, 2009

So I finally Saw Obsessed.....

Soooo....I finally got up the nerve to watch Obsessed. Did I like it? Yep. Did I love it? Nope. At least not yet. My honest opinion? I think the movie was sooo big because Beyonce had her famous as hell ass up in it. I'm glad she is getting better at acting. It started off a little slow, but it got straight to the point and that was nice. There was no running away from the plot then getting back to the plot. It was all about one thing, Ali Larter being one obsessed bitch! First off, let me give KUDOS to homegurl, cause she played that part to a T. Damn, I was like.."Wow...I'm really loving this chick". Even tho she was the "Villian", I loved it. She had me wanting more. Now at the beginning I was like Beyonce...come on girl. But when she ran up in that hospital, that's when I knew it was about to be on. She had me rolling on that "Try Me Bitch" line. I was like oh shit! Sharon getting gangsta! LMAO!! Beyonce in my opinion needs to play more parts like this.

The highlight of the movie is of course, the "FIGHT SCENE" a.k.a "Beyonce Whoops Dat Ass All Ova Da Place". I was like got damn!! Now that is what I am talking bout. I was more hyper than...well idk, but I was hyped as hell. It ended too soon tho. I give this movie a B. I think they could have jazzed it up a little bit more. It was a little too quick for me. If I could go back and add a little bit here and there.. Well...

I would have made Sharon and Lisa a little more closer. Given them more of a relationship than they had. Maybe Idris would have gotten a little more freakier with home girl. I mean, I understand you got a wife and kid, but come on...lmao.. Just a few pecks here and there. And left the rest as it was. Good movie. Great job Beyonce. ;-)