Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh Shit!! Got Damn Wolverine!!!

That is all I can say. GOT DAMNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! Wolverine!! Why you do this to me??? You gonna make me have a heart attack..

So we all know the Wolverine movie came out Friday. And when I say "came out", I mean it CAME OUT!! With a BANG!!!!! $35 million dollars opening day???? WTF??!! Imagine what it's gonna be like when the whole weekend is calculated. And I KNOW alot of ppl went to go see it today.

He's next in line with the other 3 Xmen movies he did. Just shows to prove what you can do by youself sometimes.

XMen the first movie came out with 20.8mil opening day, X2 had 31.2 on it' first day, and Xmen 3 had 45.1mil on it's opening day.

Man the Xmen series kick ass at box office. I gotta go check this one out. Congrats Wolvy. ;)