Friday, April 24, 2009

That Damned Making The Band!!

Okayyyyyyyyyy... So the Making The Band Finale premiered Thursday night...tsk tsk tsk.. Drama, drama, drama...and bores...Oh yeah, plus a NO SHOW!!! Aundrea was at home with her emotions and things like that. Day26 was there and performed 3 times. I guess they are the NEW Danity Kane. To mee....They looked good...And their sound? They looked good. I mean they are a good group, don't get me wrong..But we ALL KNOW who made Making The Band!! And it wasn't no DAMN DONNIE!!

Ya'll know who had you singing, "move ya body, shake ya body, gettin naughty naughty"!! Remember that?? Yes, I know ya do. That was who EVERYBODY and they mama tuned in for. Did we get what we want? Well, I don't know about ya'll, but for me...well I was hoping that were gonna get back together, but after I saw that fuckery that went down on that got damn stage...LMAO! OH HECKS NAW!! They need to leave that at home. Everyone wanted to talk when someone else was talking..Aubrey thought she was a bad bitch..which she was. Dawn wanted to show off her new haircut..Uhmmmm....Okay..Shannon was beautiful.

To break it all down.. We still didn't get the reason that we wanted for the split. D Woods being the REAL one, went all around the topic. Dawn actually came to the forefront and made it blunt, they all wanted to do their own things. Aubrey gettin a show, D Woods got all these labels wanting to hire her, Dawn in the studio working on her shit. And Shannon is in love with her boo boo gum drops. Whats his name?? Oh yeah Donnie Klang. He performed, but I don't know what is going on with him and I don't really care. oops.. Sorry.. But Danity Kane, if you can..get it together. Electrik Red already filled the void that you tricks left in my damaged heart. So if you do get it together, and that "From The Ashes" shit I read today is true, you gonna have a fight.... Toodles!


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