Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Essay Topic "Interracial Dating"

Okay, so interracial dating, these day and times it's as common as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich or putting on your shoes, right? Well that's what I think. I love interracial relationships. Beautiful. I am a product of an interracial relationship myself. Irish dad and african american mother. And hell, I think I may even want 2 marry Britney Spears someday....well forget about the think. I DO. HA HA HA! And I am extremely serioust 2.

Anyways, nowadays, ppl seem to have moved on from the whole stick 2 your race and I'll stick 2 mine, and you see mixed couples everywhere, from Tiger Woods and His wife, Seal and Heidi Klum, Halle Berry and her baby's daddy... and maybe even some locals in your town. So being that it doesn't seem to be as taboo as it was "back in the day", do you think people have really moved on and are dealing with it like "civilized humans" or do you think that there are still problems with it? Do you think that alot of people still don't like it?

I wanna know!! Shoot!!!!


Josh Hurt said...

Wow...this is VERY interesting... good essay... should receive a great response!

Anonymous said...

the whole thing of thinking interracial dating is wrong is jus plain stupid

EMOREJ said...

I am 'for' interracial couples. Being a product of one, my dad being Afro-trinidadian and my mom being Indo-Trinidadian mixed with spanish heritage. Here in the Caribbean, Trinidad to be exact, it is ever so existant, but these days its going crazyyy. Afro-Trini's and Indo-trini's are getting together and making what we locally call 'douglas' (pronounced (dug-lars).(oh!!! a dougla is like lloyd, the singer) I think it is widely accepted today, rather than in the past where the custom was to stay within ur race/culture. It is freaking koooooooooool.Why limit your self to one race when u can 'explore' the world and its 'cultures'.

sally said...

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L&S Miller Co. said...

I think that no one should have a problem with it, people are people. My mom and I had this talk last year when I was dating a guy from ethiopia and I told her that my friends that are guys were like what you see in him and all this other bull. She told to be honest she would never date out of her, maybe because she's never tried it before, but she told me that if I like him and he makes me happy then why not. She said the world has so many problems and people hating what they don't understand. So i guess some people are ok with interracial dating and some are just ignorant about the situation. I would say that it very common to date out your race nowadays and what happen to being able to have a variety?

Mdudinetz said...

I think that people can choose who the wish to date freely and openly. I believe relationships involving individuals from different cultures, backgrounds etc..are better able to cope with today's constant struggles. I also believe they make excellent parents as well as set an example of not judging others based on color or cultural differences. Posted by Martha Dudinetz on July 2, 2008 at 2:30pm

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