Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vivica Fox Talks About Plastic Surgery

Vivica Fox is on the cover of the April 2008 issue of Upscale magazine. Inside she talks about her plastic surgery. Here is a quote of what she said inside.

Will you ever address the rumors of plastic surgery?

I feel like I have already addressed that back in the day. I just hate that I admitted to it and people will say on the Internet that I don’t look the same, “Oh, she is so plastic surgeried.” I don’t look like some freak. I still look like Vivica Fox. Stop it with that! I am in a business where I get paid to look good, but I’m very proud to have African-American features. I have not changed my nose! Yeah, I have experimented with it, but no, I’m not doing any more of that plastic surgery crap. I’m not the first or the only one, but I’m the idiot that admitted to it. Now everyone says, “That is her whole look.” I take care of myself.

Personally I don't care. She still looks the same to me, and I think she is still beautiful. Like she said, she looks good and well taken care of. I love her.